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          Generali’s initiatives all over the world

          The actions that Generali, thanks to its international presence, is taking around the world for its customers, partners and employees.

          29 April 2020 - Infographic 313 kb  
          20 March 2020 - Generali’s global action against Covid-19 www  

          24 June 2020 - Board and employees of Generali Deutschland AG donate about € 750,000 to Caritas for Covid-19 aid projects www  
          06 May 2020 - Generali for a Green Recovery www  
          22 April 2020 - The Human Safey Net in action during covid-19 pandemic www  
          15 April 2020 - Generali Italia, Alleanza and Genertel for customers www  
          09 April 2020 - Generali France to support employees of companies www  
          09 April 2020 - Generali Spain contributes 1.8 million euros to the fund promoted by UNESPA www  
          07 April 2020 - Generali France to support the activities of customers, especially Companies and Professionals www  
          03 April 2020 - Generali France for public hospitals www  
          01 April 2020 - Europ Assistance to support the health services www  
          25 March 2020 - Generali Italia enriches its offer for families with new guarantees of safety and prevention www  
          20 March 2020 - The free legal help desk to assist businesses and organisations in dealing with the Coronavirus is now available www  
          19 March 2020 - Generali Italia in solidarity with Italian businesses with a specific health cover plan www  
          18 March 2020 - Covid-19: Europ Assistance and Generali offer phone assistance for employees www  
          17 March 2020 - Generali, a global network of protection www