Employee engagement

To measure and promote the engagement of our people, in October 2021 we carried out the fourth edition of the Generali Global Engagement Survey, which highlighted an engagement rate of 83%.
During 2022, each business unit addressed the improvement opportunities emerged with specific action plans, identifying 414 local engagement actions. Since January 2022, 72% of these actions have been launched, with the ambition to implement 100% of them by 2024.

As part of GPeople24 - Ready for the Next, we decided to enhance our employees listening approach with more active and regular interaction, increasing the moments to stay in touch with and receive input from our people. For this reason, in October 2022 we launched our first annual Global Pulse Survey, which is added to the Global Engagement Survey that will be conducted every three years.

The Generali Global Pulse Survey 2022 has registered:

  • Group participation rate of 83%
  • Group engagement rate of 84%

Based on Survey’s findings, we want to accelerate toward excellence by leveraging our strengths and working quickly on our enhancement opportunities.

Three key areas of improvement have been identified through the Global Pulse Survey 2022: 

  1. Investing in our talents
  2. Accelerate process simplification and speed of execution
  3. Equip our people and managers to lead the way for smart habits and well-being for the Next Normal from a work-life balance perspective

These priorities will be carefully evaluated by each individual business unit, which will consider implementing concrete actions where necessary.