Mobility of our personnel

Mobility of our personnel

An important part of the Group's environmental footprint is made up of employee business trips. We are implementing strategies for the sustainable management of company cars and business travel, seeking to reduce the related greenhouse gas emissions.

We are progressively electrifying our company cars fleet and we are cutting down business travel by promoting the use of video conferencing and promoting smart and remote working. In Austria, France and Italy there are also tele-appraisal systems for claims management, which reduce the number of car journeys by assessors.

The travel policy favours the use of public transport over private cars and, among public transport, promotes those with less impact on the environment, such as trains instead of planes. Our car policy sets maximum limits on CO2 emissions for company cars.

Performance in 2023

Distances travelled by by company and private cars, train and airplane

Greenhouse gas emissions from mobility

175,139,791 km
-39.6% compared to 2019

29,968 t CO2e
-36.9% compared to 2019

Breakdown of mobility by mode

Company cars






Private car