Generali France launches ‘Generali Covid Protection Salariés’, non-profit cover to support employees of companies facing the challenge of Covid-19

Already fully committed in the fight against the consequences of the health and economic crisis represented by Covid-19, Generali France is launching ‘Generali Covid Protection SalariÉs’, a set of cover and services to help company employees get through the difficulties caused by the virus. Generali France is not seeking to benefit from this cover and will transfer all profits to its partner associations affected by the health crisis. 

‘Generali Covid Protection Salariés’ is aimed at Companies and includes insurance and assistance cover (with the latter subcontracted to Europ Assistance) for employees, such as:
     - psychological support and social assistance available at all times for employees and their families, 
     - daily benefits in the event of hospitalisation and convalescence,
     - payment of transport costs for returning home after hospitalisation,
     - home delivery of medicines and delivery of meals to the family while an employee is hospitalised.

‘Generali Covid Protection Salariés’ is on sale at the flat rate of €13 including VAT per employee between 6 and 17 April through the four major networks that are working closely with the Companies concerned: large brokerage, the Generali LFAC employee network, the Generali general agents and life insurance brokers. At end of the cover period, Generali will transfer all unused insurance premiums to its partner associations affected by the health crisis. 

‘Generali Covid Protection Salariés’ completes the range of offers and services developed by Generali and Europ Assistance in France, which are particularly relevant for corporate clients during this period of health crisis:
     - medical teleconsultation for all types of disorders, to ease the pressure on the primary care system and reduce the risks of exposure for patients in waiting rooms in this unique context.
     - Telephone support from social workers, specialised psychologists and midwives to provide advice and support in these worrying times.
     - Exceptional financial assistance for families in urgent need.
     - The financing of specific preventive measures or support for company employees1.

Jean-Laurent Granier, the CEO of Generali France, explains: “The exceptional situation we are facing calls for exceptional responses for companies. ‘Generali Covid Protection Salariés’ is perfect for companies seeking to support employees and their families through this health crisis. This non-profit cover, developed and launched in just a few days, will help implement our ‘Life-time Partner’ approach, i.e. acting as a partner for our customers throughout their lives, above all in difficult times.”

Yanick Philippon, a member of the Generali France executive committee, responsible for the corporate social protection policy, had this to say: “This innovative offer provides an immediate and effective response to the needs of customers and any hospitalised employees, by taking account of families’ overall lockdown situation. It enables employers to provide a material solution to the employees worst affected in this unprecedented context, thanks to the mobilisation of our main distribution and brokerage networks.