Working with our suppliers

We work in an increasingly complex global arena, where establishing a network of lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with qualified contractual partners is crucial to maintaining consistently high standards of products and services quality and ensures also a competitive advantage for the Group.

Our main contractual partners are service providers linked to our core business, plus a smaller number of goods suppliers and support services providers (such as cleaning, maintenance, transport, etc.).

Developing and maintaining strong business relationships is a strategic goal for Generali : local and national suppliers  are fundamental to support the Group to meet specific local needs while  global and international suppliers  are crucial  partners helping us to compete in the international market, by offering products and services that create a long-term competitive advantage in terms of quality and costs.

 We are attentive in selecting and using the most reliable suppliers and those that enable us to limit the impact of our business activities on the environment along the entire supply chain.

Generali Group aims at working with suppliers and external parties who share Generali Values, committed to promoting respect of the global environment, the human rightslabour rights, safety, quality and any factors which contribute to the overall welfare of society.

To this end we have selected an external provider that will ensure an impartial assessment of our Suppliers’ commitment on ESG matters, identifying potential areas of improvement for the Supplier, in order to strengthen our partnerships, sharing the same values. The ESG assessment is part of the evaluation criteria of our tender process.

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Communicating with Group Procurement

Any supplier wishing to contact Group Procurement can email directly regarding:

  • inquiries related to supplier’s qualification and evaluation
  • inquiries related to Procurement procedures
  • any other supplier or procurement related questions (i.e. accounts payable, processes, contacts, etc.).

Reporting concerns and incorrect conducts about procurement’s practices

Generali Suppliers have open channels to report a concern related to procurement practices or conduct that are, in good faith, considered - even potentially - as inappropriate or inconsistent with the law, the Generali Group Code of Conduct or the Ethical Code for Suppliers. Suppliers are invited to choose one of the whistleblowing channels detailed under the Code of Conduct section.

*The estimated data refer to suppliers other than those involved in the claims management and included in the following scope: GHO, Italy, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria, Switzerland, Cattolica, Europ Assistance (HO,Italy), EA Brazil, EA France, EA Spain, GEB, GIE, GSS, GRE Italy, GRE Germany, GRE Spain, GRE Austria, GRE France, CityLife, UK, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Greece, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam

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