Generali Group empowers people, shaping a safer future by caring for their lives and dreams. As a dedicated Lifetime Partner, we engage stakeholders through impactful sponsorships, fostering connections and enhancing well-being.

We prioritize sports, art, culture, and community development, leaving a lasting impact. Through sports sponsorships, we promote an active lifestyle, encouraging well-being for all. Partnering with like-minded organizations, we instill a sports culture, emphasizing teamwork and social integration. Generali Group also supports The Human Safety Net with the Community Sponsoringorganizing participative events like running races to build networks that help others.

We bring beauty and creativity to a wider audience through cultural initiativesBy safeguarding our heritage, protecting the environment, and offering insurance solutions, we nurture what matters most. These initiatives ensure a positive legacy for future generations. 

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Sponsorship requests

If you would like to submit a sponsorship proposal, please apply via our Generali Sponsorship platform.