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          Generali Group's purpose – to enable people to shape a safer future by caring for their lives and dreams – exemplifies our commitment towards society and the communities we operate in. 

          Given its purpose and Lifetime partner focus, Generali Group promotes sponsorships capable of engaging its stakeholders through moments that connect deeply with people. The purpose is to allow them to actively experience a life moment that will delight them and promote their emotional and physical wellbeing. Essentially, it involves engagement with sports, arts or culture or by leaving a tangible impact in the communities we operate in.
          Generali Group sponsors inclusive events, where people don't just watch, but they actively participate in, have fun and live an experience together with their friends and families; this way, we empower people by making them challenge themselves, engaging on a journey that goes beyond the single moment, and by allowing them to have experiences that they otherwise wouldn't necessarily have. 

          Through sports sponsorships, the Group promotes and encourages an active and healthy lifestyle to improve people's wellbeing. We build partnerships with organizations that share our values, with an ongoing focus on championing a culture of sport among young people by fostering the related values of teamwork and social integration. Generali Group also supports The Human Safety Net with the Community Sponsoring, focusing on participative events like running competitions to express the power of building a NET of people helping people. 

          We open possibilities to access and enjoy beauty and creativity for a wider audience through arts and culture initiatives. We protect and improve people's quality of life through our insurance offers and by committing ourselves to preserve our artistic and cultural heritage and safeguard the environment. We look after the things that matter by promoting initiatives that convey all the values of a positive continuity of our shared heritage for future generations.

          Sponsorship requests

          If you would like to submit a sponsorship proposal, please apply via our Generali Sponsorship platform.