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Together with partners and institutions, we promote and sponsor initiatives and major cultural, social and sporting events in the communities where we work. Our social role is a part of our core business. Even when promoting our brand through major events, our focus is always on the society around us. We preserve and nurture local cultural and environmental heritage, through various projects that engage communities directly.

Our initiatives can be grouped into four areas: 

We support major, high-profile events in the sporting calendar, with an ongoing focus on championing a culture of sport among young people by fostering the related values of teamwork and social integration.

French National Volleyball male team, 2015 FIVB Volleyball World League Championship © FIVB
Federica Brignone © Pentaphoto

We are passionate supporters of winter sports and are continuing our long-term partnership with the Alpine Skiing FIS World Cup, focusing in particular on the main event in Kitzbühel. This passion is reinforced through our commitment to supporting the athletes and ski federations across different European markets. In Slovenia, we support National Alpine Ski Team and Junior Teams, in Italy, Banca Generali supports Federica Brignone, while Generali Spain sponsors Sierra Nevada ski resort and 2017 FIS Snowboard and freestyle ski world championship.

Generali Open de France ©FFE-PSV

In sports team, we are also involved in football: in Croatia with Croatian Football Federation through Generali Croatia and in Austria with National Soccer Team (ÖFB) through Generali Austria. Generali France instead supports the French Volley-ball male team, CEV Volleyball European Champion for the first time in 2015. Also in France, we are engaged in equitation through the partnership with the French Equestrian Federation and with Generali Open de France sponsorship, one of the largest equestrian gatherings in the world.

Isabelle Joschke, Generali Horizon Mixite ©Thierry Martinez

Our sponsorship in sport also extends to sailing. We have sponsored sailing in France for 40 years. Together with Nicolas Lunven, official skipper of Generali France and the Generali boat since 2010, we welcomed the French-German sailor Isabelle Joschke who is also a founding member of Horizon Mixité, an NGO that promotes gender diversity and which supported the UN's HeForShe campaign.

We continue to sponsor big regattas: La Solitaire du Figaro (France), the Easter Regatta (Croatia) and the Barcolana, the most popular Mediterranean sailing regatta, held in the Gulf of Trieste (Italy).

Munich Marathon, Ph. Birgid Schnorbusch

In addition, we support other disciplines such as running with Munich Marathon in Germany, as well as MPI Generali Run in Malaysia and tennis in Austria with Generali Open tournament in Kitzbühel. Since 2014 Generali Spain supports also women’s roller hockey team Generali H.C. Palau de Plegamans.

Discover the six basic principles for sport that is respectful of others and of the environment, in the Charte du sport responsable


We look after the things that matter, supporting initiatives to preserve and champion artistic, architectural and environmental heritage, passing down the importance of preserving our history to future generations.  

Radici del Presente Museum, Rome © Mauro Mezzaroba
Palazzo Cini Gallery © Matteo De Fina

We recognise that art is a powerful driver of knowledge and growth, so in 2014 we set out to help open Venice's magnificent Palazzo Cini Gallery to the public on a long-term basis. In doing so, we once again gave people the chance to discover, enjoy and regain access to its wonderful collections: paintings, furniture and other artworks that reflect the original character of the residence of the great collector Vittorio Cini, as well as his personal taste.

Radici del Presente Museum, Rome © Lorenzo Pesce

Our commitment to culture is also demonstrated by designed educational activities for young people. The Radici del Presente (Roots of the Present) museum at our offices in Piazza Venezia in Rome, houses the group's archaeological collection, which is accessible to visitors in a space designed particularly with young people in mindwhere we organize thematic lessons for schools about archaeological topics. The museum has been awarded with a Corporate Art Awards 2016, a Special Mention for the educational value of the archeological collection, the event that gives a recognition to companies that have distinguished themselves by enhancing the art and the heritage.

International Talent Support 2016, Trieste. Generali Future Award, Winner: Justin Smith © Giuliano Koren

We promote also young designers by sponsoring since 2015 ITS: International Talent Support with participants coming from the most prestigious schools of fashion, accessories and jewellery selected worldwide. In this occasion Generali assigns a special award which aims to nurture those young talents that successfully mixed creativity and entrepreneurial skills.      

Culture also covers music, which we support through active partnerships with organisations including the Giuseppe Verdi Lyric Theatre and the Rossetti theatre in Trieste, and the Musikverein in Vienna.

Grand Ballon de Paris © Generali France

We are actively engaged in protecting the environment, both by raising awareness and through specific projects. Generali France sponsors the Grand Ballon de Paris, a hot air balloon that measures pollution levels in the French capital by analysing air quality, in turn making an important contribution to science and understanding.
We work to raise environmental awareness in Asia through The Green Power Hike initiative in Hong Kong. Meanwhile in Italy, through Europ Assistance, we look after a 17-hectare forest known as the Bosco dei 100 Passi (The 100 Steps Wood) near Milan.


Find out more about the museum in Count Vittorio Cini's former home.

We are working to support and enhance Italy's historical and archaeological heritage. Find out more about the museum at our historic Rome office

The Ballon de Paris, a hot air balloon equipped with scientific instruments, has been flying the Generali logo above Paris since 2013. It will continue to do so for another three years. 

We believe in community support projects because education has the power to change people's lives. We work with social integration initiatives and also support new financial education projects more closely related to our own sector, raising awareness and presenting new opportunities to future generations.  

Smile Hunter, Hungary © Courtesy of Generali Hungary
Construction site of the future food plant “Squisito” © Courtesy of San Patrignano archive

In social field we support communities with a variety of initiatives. These include social reintegration projects with the Community of San Patrignano, that welcomes young people afflicted by dependencies by offering them a home, the chance to study, to learn a job, so that they regain they own way through a program of recovery, as well as Luchetta Ota, D'Angelo, Hrovatin Foundation that helps and hosts children who are injured or suffer from serious diseases.

Smile Hunter, Hungary © Courtesy of Generali Hungary

In the Czech Republic, we work through Česká Pojišťovna to assist the Leontinka Foundation, which develops innovative projects for blind young people. In Hungary, we help local family shelter programmes through Smile Hunter, to develop the personal skills of child trauma survivors.

In Bulgaria, we support the For Our Children foundation, which works to promote foster care for children from orphanages. In Hong Kong, we assist the Rainbow Life Family Support Project, which provides learning opportunities for children excluded from the school system.


Generali Rainbow Life, Hong Kong. Closing ceremony, violin performance © Courtesy of Hong Kong Branch

We sponsor financial education projects to help people learn about important topics for their future. In Panama, we support the Junior Achievement programme, which offers training to develop personal business skills. In the Netherlands, we work alongside the Life and Finance Foundation (LEF), an economics and financial education body, to raise teenage awareness of personal finance.

In the country with the highest rate of child abandonment in Europe, the For Our Children Foundation has sponsored the construction of 18 family support centres, as well as foster care for 5,500 children. 

Going beyond traditional teaching methods, Junior Achievement organises practical, hands-on educational initiatives including workshops, competitions and entrepreneurial programmes.


We are highly engaged and active in scientific research and social awareness campaigns to promote health and provide safety information. Our work encompasses projects of various kinds, from the universal in scope to those more closely linked to the local community.

Generali Future Fund “Dialogue with Time III”, Germany © Museum für Kommunikation Berlin/Bert Bostelmann

In the scientific field, we support Revert, an Italian non-profit organisation at the international forefront of clinical trials on cell therapy for multiple sclerosis and other neuro-degenerative diseases – one of the main medical and social challenges of our time.

We also bring scientific research and charity work together in another major project supported by the Generali Foundation: the DREAM Programme of the Community of Sant'Egidio for tackling HIV in Congo throught the treatment and diagnosis of the disease of mothers and their children.

Generali Future Fund "Dialogue with Time" © Courtesy of Museum für Kommunikation Berlin/Bert Bostelmann

In the social sphere, the Generali Future Fund (Zukunftsfonds) promotes civic engagement and demographic research in Germany, which mainly involves over-55s helping young people. It supports projects and initiatives which deal with the consequences of an ageing population, making use of the knowledge, skills and time that older people can offer.

“Potholes” road safety

We also support major social awareness campaigns to promote health and provide safety education, with targeted projects for both children and adults. In the field of road safety, we are working with the Potholes project in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia, to make roads safer by continuously monitoring potholes. The website and app allow the public to report any potholes they find, anywhere in the country. In the Czech Republic, we promote a greater sense of responsibility in both drivers and commuters, through the Gentleman on the Road project. In Slovakia, with Apple and Lemon, we work with schoolchildren to raise awareness on the issues of speeding and alcohol abuse, in collaboration with the national police.

Our support for Revert has helped to speed up clinical trials. 

Generali Future Fund aims to be an agent of change by promoting civic engagement and acting as an intermediary between social enterprises, institutions and organisations.

In Slovakia, the "Apple and Lemon" campaign involved the police organising a network of roadblocks for a week, operated with the assistance of pupils, teachers and our agents.