How we contribute

In 2022, 13.9 million was allocated to support non-profit organizations, or social organizations, in line with previous years.

Of the € 13.9 million allocated for various community initiatives, € 10.1 million were earmarked to support The Human Safety Net  (THSN) programs in the 24 countries where the flagship project is active.

Our activity, aimed at improving life in the communities in which we are active, focuses on

  • financial donations: in 2022, € 12.6 million (91% of total contributions);
  • donations of goods and services (in-kind): in 2022, € 0.2 million (1% of total contributions);
  • time donations (corporate volunteering): in 2022, € 1.1 million (8% of total contributions).

Our employees were involved in corporate voluntary initiatives, providing 36.000 hours for activities in favour of non-profit organizations, mostly supporting The Human Safety Net.

Since January 2017 we have joined the Business for Social Impact (B4SI) (formerly the London Benchmarking Group) and, starting from that year, we classify our investments in the community according to their reporting method.