Below is a list of netiquette rules we would like you to kindly follow when communicating with us on our social channels:

1. Please feel free to openly share your opinion and suggestions – in a context of mutual respect - we are more than happy to hear them!

2. Please refrain from using bad or aggressive language and sharing unauthorized information.

3. The social media accounts managed by Generali Head Office are not involved in marketing nor in direct business, which are handled by local companies in each country we operate in. In case you have questions on Generali Group’s specific products and services or need assistance on a claim, please refer to your insurance agent or to the local Generali Group’s contacts listed in the “Premises and Global Services” section on the header.

4. We do care about your time. And we did our best to answer most of typical general questions in our FAQ area. But if you need something different we will be more than happy to answer to your questions. You might want to use the specific contact form that will help us understand your request and provide you with a timely answer.

5. We reserve the right to delete offensive, aggressive or improper comments and / or ban the user who made them from our page.