Responsible Employer

Our commitment to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in our work environment, upskill our people, nurture talent in all its forms, and implement more flexible and sustainable ways of working while measuring, reducing, and reporting the carbon footprint resulting from our own direct operations

Responsible Employer


Women in strategic


Upskilled employees


(-33.4% vs 2019)
Scope 1 + 2 + 3 emissions
from Group operations

Data at 31.12.2023

Generali People Strategy

As a Responsible Employer, in 2021 we developed a new People Strategy, that defines people priorities and key initiatives in the timeframe 2022-2024: “GPeople24 – Ready for the Next”. Four main priorities have been identified, which are supported by dedicated global and local initiatives:

Employee engagement

To measure and promote the engagement of our people, in October 2021 we carried out the 4th edition of the Generali Global Engagement Survey, while in 2023 we launched our second annual Global Pulse Survey.

Environmental management system

To be in line with the Responsible Investor and Insurer roles, we have been steadily working for several years to measure, reduce, and report the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) resulting from our own direct operations.
The most relevant environmental aspects on which we focus the monitoring of our performances and the interventions for their improvement are:

  • management of company sites, aiming at the optimisation of spaces, the reduction of energy consumption, the use of natural resources, and the integration of renewable energy, as well as the curbing of waste production and its correct disposal;
  • management of business travel, which involves the reduction of business trips, giving greater priority to smart working and training via e-learning.

Our contractual partners

As Lifetime Partner Advisors, we genuinely care for people’s lives, dreams and aspirations. Our Distribution Network of 161,000 advisors has the customer’s best interests at heart, providing peace of mind through protection, prevention and assistance.
We celebrate their achievements through the annual Global Advisor Excellence Contest, Generali’s flagship initiative to promote advisory and digitalization in our networks across 25 business units.

At the same time, we generate economic value within the network of our over 30,000 suppliers, establishing long-term relationships based on our culture of integrity, performance, and transparency.