GENERALI contributes 1.8 million euros to the fund promoted by UNESPA to insure health professionals against COVID-19

The insurance will cover all doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, warders and ambulance staff fighting against COVID-19

GENERALI contributes 1.8 million euros to the initiative promoted by UNESPA (the Spanish business association of insurance companies) to create a fund of 37 million euros, which will be used for a collective insurance policy covering the health personnel of the National Health System in the fight against COVID-19.

More than one hundred insurance companies have participated in the creation of this insurance that will cover more than 700,000 health professionals, including doctors, nurses, nursing assistants, warders and ambulance staff, who protect the health of all of Spanish society against COVID-19. The insurance will cover staff working in both the public and private health sectors, as well as in nursing homes.

This is the largest collective insurance in the history of Spain and is a sign of the commitment and solidarity of the entire insurance sector with society and, especially, with the professionals most exposed to the protection of everyone's health in these complex times.

Santiago Villa, CEO of GENERALI Spain said: "We are especially proud to be part of this great initiative. The collaboration between entities, both public and private, is essential to face this crisis". Villa added: "Our commitment with the health workers fighting against COVID-19 is absolute. They are our true heroes and we will always be indebted to them.”

The insurance guarantees a capital of 100 euros per day of hospitalization caused by COVID-19, for a maximum of 14 days, if the hospitalization exceeds three days. It also has an insured capital of 30,000 euros which will be paid to the heirs in the event of the death by COVID-19 of the insured health personnel.

The insurance is valid for 6 months, starting on 14 March, the date on which the state of alarm was declared. Should the disbursement not reach the full capital of the fund, the remaining resources will be used to support those affected by COVID-19.