Relations with institutions

Generali, through public relations, undertakes to represent the company’s legitimate interests at political and administrative level (so called “advocacy policy”).

Generali Group helps and promotes the dialogue with local and international institutions and is regularly involved in advocacy activities, through which it promotes and supports the Group’s and sector’s requests in a transparent manner and with respect for the general interest.

The key stakeholders for those activities are legislators, institutions and authorities at local and international level. Generali Group develops those activities through trade and sector associations in the countries where it operates.

Generali Group holds regular talks with legislators and the European institutions maintaining a constructive working relationship, sharing and updating the information necessary for the proper interpretation and application of new regulations.

In particular, Generali Group is committed to transparency in the relations with the European public authorities: in 2014 the Group joined the Transparency Register, a joint initiative of the European Parliament and the European Commission, with the aim of being open about the representation of interest.

The information is available at the following link:

Furthermore the Group offers its expertise and contributes to public consultations to define new legal measures and industry regulations.