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          Reports and presentations

          All corporate documents relating to the annual financial statements, the quarterly reports and company presentations can be found in this section.

          Reports and presentations

          Results at December 31, 2020

          On March 11, Generali released the 2020 full year results.

          Generali Group CEO Philippe Donnet commented: “Today we are presenting excellent results, obtained in an unprecedented context due to the crisis generated by the pandemic. It confirms the greater resilience of Generali compared to our peers in the sector, both from a technical point of view and its capital position. For the second consecutive year, we have achieved the Group’s best ever operating result and, also thanks to the further growth of the dividend, we continue to create value for all of our stakeholders. We have entered the final year of our strategic plan and are well positioned to achieve all of the objectives of ‘Generali 2021'.”


          Consolidated Results as of 31 December 2020 - Press Release 924 kb  
          Presentation of Results at 31 December 2020 2 mb  
          Slide Commentary FY 2020 342 kb  
          Annual Integrated Report and Consolidated Financial Statements 2020 9 mb  
          Group Annual Integrated Report 2020 7 mb  
          Management Report and Parent Company Financial Statements Proposal 2020 7 mb  
          Supplementary Financial Information as of 31 December 2020 406 kb  
          2020 Own Funds & Life New Business Supplementary Information 623 kb  
          Infographics FY 2020 474 kb  
          Q&A Audio FY 2020