Training, professional updating and the exchange of knowledge are cornerstones of change and development.

We regard training, professional updating and the exchange of knowledge as cornerstones of change and development. Generali Group Academy, the Group Corporate University, represents the fulcrum of the strategic and organizational transformation that Generali is implementing in order to compete at international level. It is a school of excellence, specifically created to develop managerial skills, share experiences and spread the company culture.

It is founded on the Group’s values, immersed in the global dimension of our time, and seeks to support Generali in the management of transformation processes, constructing and strengthening new leaderships, supporting middle management and managerial career paths with the development of skills, and contributing to attracting, developing and retaining talent.

In order to meet these goals, we invested 60 million euro in training in 2022, training 100% of our people with an average of 32.0 hours of training per capita.

Besides, in the context of our
GPeople24 strategy, we want to implement an upskilling journey that in three years time will reach 70% of our employees on a new catalogue of skills, competencies, and behaviours - with a renewed focus on sustainability and data-driven innovation. At the end of 2022 we have upskilled 35% of our employees.

This demonstrates the Group’s constant commitment to train all of its people.