Sustainability Bond Framework and Report

The Generali’s Sustainability Bond Framework represents a new umbrella framework for issuing future Green Bonds, Social Bonds and Sustainability Bonds. It embeds our previous Green Bond Framework.

The Group became in 2019 the first Green Bond issuer in the European insurance sector. The Sustainability Bond Framework enhances Generali’s Sustainability commitments and highlights its leadership role. In December 2023 we updated the Sustainability Bond Framework by incorporating the requirements of the European Taxonomy, aiming to structure a more effective transition path towards the new principles of the European Union for bond issuers wishing to use the designation “EU Green Bonds Standard”.

The expanded use of proceeds under the Sustainability Bond Framework includes 9 categories, the first six of which were already part of our Green Bond Framework:

  1. Green and Resilient Buildings
  2. Renewable Energy (Electricity Production & Cogeneration of Heat/Cool & Power)
  3. Energy Efficiency (Measures and Infrastructure)
  4. Clean Transportation
  5. Climate Adaptation Measures
  6. Environmentally Sustainable Management of Living Natural Resources and Land Use (Sustainable Forestry & Landscapes)
  7. Access to Essential Services
  8. Affordable Housing
  9. Employment generation and programmes designed to prevent and/or alleviate unemployment stemming from socio-economic crises, climate transition projects and/other considerations for ‘just transition’ (including SME financing and micro-finance)


  • 27 Dec 2023

    Sustainability Bond Framework

  • 15 Jun 2021

    Sustainability Bond Framework

  • 16 Sep 2019

    Green Bond Framework


  • 14 Dec 2023

    Green Bond Report related to 2022 issuance

    4 mb

  • 14 Dec 2023

    Green Bond Report related to 2020 issuance – December 2023 update

    2 mb

  • 13 Dec 2022

    Sustainability Bond Report related to 2021 issuance

    7 mb

  • 05 Oct 2021

    Green Bond Report related to 2020 issuance

    5 mb

  • 13 Nov 2020

    Green Bond Report related to 2019 issuance

    6 mb