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          Privacy notice

          The new European regulation on the protection of personal data (GDPR) requires us to review our privacy notices in order to make our stakeholders more aware of the purposes and modalities related to the processing of their personal data.

          We consider our stakeholders’ personal data as a core value to be safeguarded, and we wish to establish a relationship with them based on full transparency and awareness with respect to the purposes and modalities we use when processing their data.

          In order to ensure that our information is clear, we have drawn up some ad-hoc documents (privacy notices), dedicated to each specific type of relationship that might be established.

          We invite you to examine the privacy notice relevant to you, in order to get aware, in detail, of how we process your personal data.

          The documents uploaded on this website are only aimed at providing information. In case it might be necessary to collect your consent, due to the nature of the personal data processed, we will perform this activity with different modalities and channels.

          Privacy notice for our customers and other persons interested in our products 126 kb  
          Privacy notice for shareholders 147 kb  
          Privacy notice for suppliers and professionals 118 kb  
          Privacy notice for the website users 126 kb