Sustainability into Underwriting

Generali Group is a global financial player with a duty to act in the best interests of its policyholders, shareholders, and other stakeholders. Sustainability is a long-term journey aimed at fulfilling Group purpose to “enable people to shape a safer and more sustainable future by caring for their lives and dreams” and ambition of being a Lifetime Partner, thus creating value for our stakeholders.  
The Group believes that the proactive integration of relevant sustainability considerations into the underwriting process will support the achievement of both financial return and social good.

The Responsible Underwriting Group Guideline sets out the Group’s position and beliefs on responsible P&C underwriting through the definition of a common P&C Underwriting management framework across the Group. The Guideline ensures the adoption of a responsible conduct with the main objective of avoiding/minimizing the exposure to assets, activities and sectors not aligned with the Group’s sustainability principles.

In this context, the Group, as responsible insurer, requires its Business units/Local Chief Insurance Officers/P&C underwriters to follow these principles, considering the scope, nature and complexity of the risks and business carried out, and to properly perform the implementing actions in order to minimize/avoid the insurance exposure to sensitive business and therefore to potential reputational risks.