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    Strong 2017 results: on track with the strategy
    Strong 2017 results: on track with the strategy The Group CEO Philippe Donnet comments the full year 2017 results
    In the spirit of Mahatma
    In the spirit of Mahatma The Indian challenge toward a universal basic income
    A fully connected insurance
    A fully connected insurance From the Internet of Things to the Internet of Everything?
    Happy birthday Nordic model
    Happy birthday Nordic model Analysis of the welfare model of the Scandinavian countries
    Prevention is better than cure
    Prevention is better than cure Some suggestions to prevent risks in everyday life
    A new beginning
    A new beginning Encouraging entrepreneurship among refugees to create new businesses
    That's advertising, baby
    That's advertising, baby The historical posters and advertising of Generali Group
    A 3D tour of Ancient Rome
    A 3D tour of Ancient Rome A virtual tour to walk through the Museum "Roots of the Present"
    The power of data
    The power of data Interview with Alessandra Chiuderi, Head of Analytics Solutions Centre
    Co2 as an opportunity
    Co2 as an opportunity Can you recycle the gas responsible for global warming?
    Davos, Silicon Valley
    Davos, Silicon Valley The Human Safety Net partners with Knack to unlock human potential
    I am Generali
    I am Generali 30 seconds with Massimiliano Terlizzi
    Just like a start-up
    Just like a start-up Interview with Frédéric de Courtois, CEO Global Business Lines & International of Generali Group
    Blockchain, a revolution?
    Blockchain, a revolution? What is the potential of this new platform?
    Re-defining development
    Re-defining development Some theoretical definitions informing upon possible paths to inclusive growth