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          A new way to assist customers
          A new way to assist customers Interview with Florence Jean, Head of Group Health Global Business Line, Europ Assistance Group
          Generali Fairy Tales
          Generali Fairy Tales Alice in Wonderland
          Travelling with Millennials
          Travelling with Millennials Preventing without even knowing it: how Millennials protect their future
          The agricultural revolution
          The agricultural revolution Self-driving tractors, use of drones for targeted treatments and crop monitoring
          Finance has no secrets
          Finance has no secrets From derivatives to investment funds, the words you need to know to better understand finance
          All the risks of climate change
          All the risks of climate change The effects of global warming between now and 2050: interview with Professor Filippo Giorgi of the Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste
          The rise of the other half of the sky
          The rise of the other half of the sky Women empowerment is making slow progress: a World Bank’s research talks about the importance to intervene on regulations
          Robot responsibility
          Robot responsibility Robotic surgery, twenty years after its debut: its possible impact on professional liability.
          Easy, healthy, innovatory
          Easy, healthy, innovatory Interview with Simon Guest, CEO of Generali Vitality
          Actively shaping the connected home
          Actively shaping the connected home Interview with Stephan Weiss, Project Manager Online – Media and Digitization Generali Germany
          The hopeful Vietnam
          The hopeful Vietnam The small South East Asian country is a fervent and foreign investment-prone economy
          A seafood dinner… of plastic
          A seafood dinner… of plastic The sea is being infested by plastic, seriously endangering the existing fauna
          A different story
          A different story If we change the beginning of the story, we change the whole story
          Blockchain revolution
          Blockchain revolution Interview with Marco Boni, Group Head of Operational Excellence & Transformation
          I am Generali
          I am Generali 30 seconds with Giuseppe Cerami