Investing in our people

We believe in the people who have chosen to work with us worldwide. We know that their talent, their diversity and their abilities to be inclusive allow us to be a more innovative Group, capable of changing our customers’ lives. We employ almost 82,000 people and offer them the chance to establish a stable and long-term relationship with us.



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Personnel are hired under regular employment contracts as we do not tolerate any form of unreported employment, exploitation, forced, mandatory or child labour. Communication with Group employees is based on transparency, clarity and completeness, promoting a culture based on performance.

In Generali we are committed to value our people. Our approach favours and leverages internal skills and knowledge to cover open vacancies. 

Through the commitment and support of Generali's Top Management, we aim to continuously promote the development of our talents, supporting a culture of innovation and strengthening a global mindset within the Group.

Through We GROW platform, open opportunities are shared in a fair and transparent way with all our Group Talents to accelerate their growth through diverse professional experiences at international and cross functional level, empowering them to take ownership of their career development.

They can apply to the posted opportunities  and be involved in a fair and meritocratic process. This is a key lever to invest in the growth of our people, further developing their skills through internal mobility.

In line and in accordance with local laws, practices and cultures, we recognize the right to join a trade union, to have freedom of association and to appoint workers' representatives. Also, again in accordance with local laws and practices, we recognize the right to exercise the relevant representative functions, including the right to collective bargaining.

In the event of company re-organizations, we safeguard our people by assigning, where necessary, new roles with targeted training or professional requalification measures, depending on each person’s skills and experience. We prioritize initiatives that seek to minimize impacts such as resignation incentives, consensual local mobility and relocations to other Group companies.

Our focus on and commitment to our people is illustrated by official documents such as the 
Code of Conduct, the European Social Charter and the periodic opinion polls  carried out in the various Group companies.