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    Blockchain revolution
    Corporate & Group Blockchain revolution

    Interview with Marco Boni, Group Head of Operational Excellence & Transformation

    Insurance and natural catastrophes
    Insurance Insurance and natural catastrophes

    How the insurance industry is dealing with the increase of the natural disasters?

    All you need to know about blockchain
    Corporate & Group All you need to know about blockchain

    Interview with Paolo Ribotta, CEO Global Corporate & Commercial

    Healthy living with Millennials
    Welfare Healthy living with Millennials

    Preventing without even knowing it: how Millennials protect their future

    Long term care
    Insurance Long term care

    The ageing population increases the risk of non-self-sufficiency: the role of insurance companies

    Finance has no secrets
    Corporate & Group Finance has no secrets

    From derivatives to investment funds, the words you need to know to better understand finance

    Accelerating the transition
    Corporate & Group Accelerating the transition

    Interview with Lucia Silva, Generali Group Head of Sustainability and Social Responsibility

    European welfare and automation
    Welfare European welfare and automation

    Interview with Izabela Styczynska

    Countdown to the GDPR
    Insurance Countdown to the GDPR

    Protecting personal data and guarding against cyber risk in European businesses

    First steps
    The Human Safety Net First steps

    Improving lives of disadvantaged people starting from the childhood

    When your head is in the clouds
    Corporate & Group When your head is in the clouds
    Prevention is better than cure
    Insurance Prevention is better than cure

    Some suggestions to prevent risks in everyday life