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          Your development with us

          Your development with us

          Your development is essential to unlocking our collective potential.

          Your experience with Generali will enable you to take your career to the next level through the insight and knowledge that we gain from growing together.

          We are world renowned for our technical expertise and continue to ensure that our people have the insight that sets us apart from our competitors.

          From our bright young graduates to senior leaders, development is at the heart of our culture. We can succeed- both today and tomorrow - because we care about developing our people.

          Let our talent nurture your talent. 

          Your development with us

          We LEARN is an international reskilling initiative launched in 2019 to equip all Generali employees with the new business, digital and behavioral skills most needed to keep growing in the digital era, succeed in the future market context and support our strategic priorities.

          The program ensures a new common learning experience trough a new Group Learning Platform flexible, highly customized, user-friendly and easily accessible. The employees have access to high tech & high-quality courses designed with internal experts and outstanding academic institutions.

          Discover more about We LEARN here

          To create and disseminate a culture focused on empowering our people, in 2017 we designed and launched the Managerial Acceleration Program (MAP).
          MAP promotes and strengthens a managerial culture capable of involving and empowering our people, in line with the eight key managerial principles included in the Generali Empowerment Manifesto (GEM).
          MAP is dedicated to the managerial population and is entirely facilitated by Group managers, specially prepared with customized training and coaching. The course is structured into an e-learning part, a two-and-a-half-day classroom course and post-course activities to guide managers in their daily work.

          Since the beginning of the program, more than 8,000 people completed the trainingachieving the 100% of Generali people managers trained.

          In 2021, the pandemic situation has called for an evolution of our way of working, including a managerial approach that could contribute to shape a new hybrid model and ensure to get the best out of both physical and virtual setting.

          With this ambition in mind, the new managerial training program, MAP2theNew, was launched designed starting from our cultural foundations – the Lifetime Partner Behaviours and the GEM principles – and aiming to provide the Generali people managers with the key skills needed to lead their teams in the hybrid work settings.

          Thanks to an innovative blended structure composed of 3 self-learning modules and 3 virtual classrooms, managers have the chance to learn first and then engage in deep conversations among peers to share and reflect.

          GATE (Generali Advanced Technical Education) is an international training programme that was launched in 2014 with the aim of ensuring the consolidation, updating and innovation of the technical expertise and business knowledge that represent the foundations of the current performances and future potential of the Generali Group.


          What we deliver:

          • Equip our professional communities with the right skills and capabilities to deliver for our clients
          • Share best practice across areas of expertise in a global content
          • Further develop our technical talent

          As well as the lecturers of the MIB - School of Management of Trieste, its main external partner, the programme will continue to rely on the contribution of the Generali Group Faculty (around 90 lecturers and speakers inside the Group).

          To execute our strategy, we strongly need effective leaders and promising talents, and this is why we are continuously investing in their development. Being a Lifetime Partner leader requires new skills, a strong global mindset, excellent performance and the possibility to nurture and grow the individual potential.

          We work with the whole pool of Group talents and senior leaders to support them in driving people and organizations to success with the following initiatives:

          • GLG WEBINAR SERIES - Lead.Care.Empower - GLGs in the Next Normal, Group Leadership Training focused on leadership skills needed to drive teams and organization in the new, hybrid scenario and to support the delivery of strategic objectives. The programme has been delivered fully virtually and designed in partnership with London Business School, to ensure consistency with the previous editions. 200 leaders have participated, divided in 4 cohorts, following three training modules complemented by individual and group activities, for 12 hours;
          • GLOBAL MENTORING PROGRAM, 4th edition, fully virtual, of the Global Mentoring Program, that has matched 80 GLG with 80 Group Talent Managers. The program is designed as a yearly journey to develop leadership skills of managers, for 14 hours;
          • CONNECT&ENGAGE - Global Virtual Event, first even exclusively dedicated to the community of Group Talent Senior Managers. 3 hours together with 250 colleagues with the participation of Group leaders and external speakers with the aim of aligning the senior managers on key strategic topics and drive the cultural transformation required by the Next Normal;
          • WEBINAR SERIES - Lead to the Next, first development program designed for the Group Talent Managers. 18 hours of virtual classroom with renowned speakers, innovative group activities facilitated by international coaches, to deepen managerial challenges and support 200 Group Talent Manager in the transition toward a hybrid work model and to the Next Normal;
          • FUTURE OWNERS VIRTUAL LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, first development initiative for 265 Future Owners, designed in partnership with INSEAD Business School. 3 modules guided by INSEAD faculty on key topics to support the growth of the leaders of the future, 5 virtual classrooms and an online support through the We LEARN platform, for 16 hours in total;
          • WeGROW, global initiative launched in April 2021 and designed for Group Talents (more than 750 enrolled in 2021). The aim is to accelerate their growth as future Generali leaders, through diverse professional experiences, empowering them to take ownership of their career development. In order to promote international and cross-functional experiences, Group Talents have access to a platform where they can transparently view and apply to open positions and projects at global level;
          • SUSTAIN AND GROW, initiative targeted to Future Owners in collaboration with The Human Safety Net. Young talents had the opportunity to participate in 5 sustainability projects, developing key competences outside of their comfort zones, while contributing to support some of the local communities where Generali operates. For 6 months, Future Owners worked in international teams, supported by Groups senior leaders and CEOs.

          We are aware that the success of a sustainable business depends on the involvement of people and talent development. In line with the Generali Competency Model we have developed specific global processes and initiatives:

          • GLG Performance Management and Talent Review Process: an annual process involving the senior leaders of the Group which aims to develop leadership and assess performances, in line with the company strategy. It also allows us to consolidate valid succession plans in order to develop our talents globally.
          • Talent Review: an annual process that enables us to identify talents at all organisational levels and in all businesses of the Group; the aim is to identify people with high growth potential, providing them with customised career paths and specific leadership development programmes. Talent identification is carried out with the full involvement of the leadership team and according to shared and consistent criteria at a global level.
          • Development Center, the final step of the Generali Talent Review Process to provide all participants with a complete assessment of their leadership style and behaviour to check that they are in line with the Generali Leadership Competency Model.
          • Talent Events: these initiatives involve talents from specific professional families, from different areas of the group. The aim is to create networking opportunities and enable senior leaders of various functions to get to know their talents. These occasions are key to giving visibility to talents and facilitating their career opportunities and enabling them to work together with senior leaders on business cases developed specifically to strengthen the managerial and technical skills of the professional family.