Your development with us

Your development with us

Your development is essential to unlocking our collective potential.

Your experience with Generali will enable you to take your career to the next level through the insight and knowledge that we gain from growing together.

We are world renowned for our technical expertise and continue to ensure that our people have the insight that sets us apart from our competitors.

From our bright young graduates to senior leaders, development is at the heart of our culture. We can succeed- both today and tomorrow - because we care about developing our people.

Let our talent nurture your talent. 

€ 60 mln

invested in training in 2022

€ 754

average cost of training per person


average hours of training per person *


of our people took part in training in 2022

* in details:

33.3 average hours of training per capita MALE

30.8 average hours of training per capita FEMALE 
30.8 average hours of training per capita MANAGERS 
29.9 average hours of training per capita MIDDLE MANAGERS
27.4 average hours of training per capita EMPLOYEES 
45.9 average hours of training per capita SALES ATTENDANTS 

To ensure a common learning experience, We LEARN platform - successfully implemented in more than 40 countries - is based on the best cloud technology solutions and aims to provide employees with Group-designed content, enabling comprehensive coverage of different types of training and emerging technologies (e.g. playlists, communities, and external and customized digital training offerings). We LEARN is key to meet the Group's upskilling ambitions, but it is also an open strategic setup to meet country-specific training needs.

In addition to the platform, the multilanguage We LEARN Mobile App was launched, a flexible, customizable and easy-to-use application that allows employees to deliver contents at any time and in any place.

Discover more about We LEARN here

Since 2020, the unexpected has challenged our lives, requiring an evolution of both the way we work and our managerial approach in order to take full advantage of the benefits deriving from the Next Normal. A new managerial approach based on trust, ownership, meritocracy, and accountability has become essential in this new hybrid work environment to get the best out of both physical and virtual environments.

With this ambition, we launched MAP2TheNew, a new global management training program. The program was designed from the first Managerial Acceleration Program and our cultural underpinnings - the Lifetime Partner Behaviours and GEM principles - with the goal of providing more than 8,000 Generali people managers with the key skills needed to lead their teams in hybrid work environments.

By the end of 2022, the program has successfully achieved its goal of training 100% of Generali people managers.

To drive Generali growth, we strongly need effective Leaders and promising Talents, and this is why we are continuously investing in their development. Being a role model in the Next Normal requires the right skills and mindset to successfully drive the new plan and foster a sustainable and inclusive hybrid work environment.

We work with the whole pool of Group Talents and Senior Leaders to support them in driving people and organizations to success with the following initiatives:

  • RECIPROCAL MENTORING PROGRAM, a 1-year learning journey based on ownership, exchange, and reciprocity for 400 Senior Managers and Future Owners (Generali young talents) to foster growth and global mindset, innovation, and intergenerational diversity. Each of them plays the role of both Mentor and Mentee along the journey, challenging each other and building a strong and reciprocal relationship based on trust and openness;
  • CONNECT&ENGAGE, second edition of the virtual inspiring event dedicated to the community of Group Talent Senior Managers. 3 hours together with 300 colleagues with the participation of Group Senior Leaders and external speakers to drive awareness about what Sustainability means for Generali and help Group Talent Senior Managers reflect on their key role to drive Generali business transformation with the lens of Sustainability;
  • INNOVATION LAB, a 6-week unique virtual international experience in partnership with Group Innovation team where a selected pool of 13 Group Talent Managers has been guided through a Leadership and Innovation journey to co-work on some of our Group key innovation challenges through the lens of Sustainability. The best ideas have successfully applied to the Generali Innovation Fund to receive co-funding;
  • WE GROW, an internal global platform where open opportunities are shared in a fair and transparent way with all our Group Talents to accelerate their growth through diverse professional experiences at international and cross functional level, empowering them to take ownership of their career development. They can apply to the opportunities transparently posted and are involved in a fair and meritocratic process. This is a key lever to invest in the growth of our people, developing their skills through internal mobility;
  • SUSTAIN AND GROW, initiative targeted to Future Owners in collaboration with The Human Safety Net. Young talents had the opportunity to participate in 2 Sustainability project-works, developing key competences as future leaders with Sustainability and Lifetime Partner behaviours at the core of their mindset, while contributing to support vulnerable communities, NGOs, and Generali social products development. For 5 months, Future Owners worked in international and cross-functional teams, supported by Groups Senior Leaders;
  • STRATEGY AMBASSADORS, activation of a selected pool of Future Owners through a dedicated virtual event to engage them to play the key role of ambassadors of the new Group Strategy e-learning course, helping in launching and promoting the e-learning in coordination with Local Comms and local HR through engagement initiatives and spreading knowledge about the new Group Strategy contents in their organization. Continuous engagement and best practice sharing in the dedicated virtual community.

We are aware that the success of a sustainable business depends on the involvement of people and talent development. In line with the Generali Competency Model we have developed specific global processes and initiatives:

  • GLG Performance Management and Talent Review Process: an annual process involving the Senior Leaders of the Group, which aims to grow global leader.
  • Talent Review: an annual process that enables us to identify talents at all organisational levels and in all businesses of the Group; the aim is to identify people with high potential to grow in a more global and complex role, providing them with customised career paths and specific leadership development programmes. Talent identification is carried out with the full involvement of the leadership team and according to shared and consistent criteria at a global level.
  • Development Center: the final step of the Generali Talent Review Process to provide all participants with a complete assessment of their leadership style and behaviour to check that they are in line with the Generali Lifetime Partner Competency Model.
  • Talent Events: these initiatives involve talents from specific professional families, from different areas of the Group. The aim is to create networking opportunities and enable Senior Leaders of various functions to get to know their talents while working together on business cases developed specifically to strengthen the managerial and technical skills of the professional family.