Your development with us

Your development with us

Your development is essential to unlocking our collective potential.

Your experience with Generali will enable you to take your career to the next level through the insight and knowledge that we gain from growing together.

We are world renowned for our technical expertise and continue to ensure that our people have the insight that sets us apart from our competitors.

From our bright young graduates to senior leaders, development is at the heart of our culture. We can succeed- both today and tomorrow - because we care about developing our people.

Let our talent nurture your talent. 

€ 61.7 mln

invested in training in 2022

€ 765

average cost of training per person


average hours of training per person *


of our people took part in training in 2022

* in details:

34.7 average hours of training per capita MALE

32.5 average hours of training per capita FEMALE 
34.6 average hours of training per capita MANAGERS 
35.1 average hours of training per capita MIDDLE MANAGERS
26.5 average hours of training per capita EMPLOYEES 
56.3 average hours of training per capita SALES ATTENDANTS 

We believe in continuous training and growth of our people through the development of new business, digital and behavioural skills that we figure are necessary to grow in the digital age and be successful in the future market environment.

Therefore We LEARN program was created, a broad upskilling initiative for all Generali’s people and designed to support the strategic initiatives of Generali 2024.

We LEARN program offers a new learning experience thanks to a global platform and innovative training components.

Discover more about We LEARN here

To ensure that all people managers are equipped with essential skills to effectively lead their teams, global managerial training programs have been launched and successfully completed by all 8,000 people managers within the Group. The Managerial Acceleration Program and MAP2TheNew programs are based on Lifetime Partner Behaviours and GEM principles, emphasizing trust, ownership, meritocracy, and accountability, and are also available at local level for the new people managers.

The current need to adapt to dynamic contexts and challenges, embrace innovation and new technologies, and foster sustainability and inclusion has increased. This is why we are developing a new managerial program set to launch in 2024.

To drive Generali’s growth in today’s increasingly challenging economic and geopolitical scenario, we strongly need effective leaders and promising Talents, which is why we continuously invest in their development. Being a role model for the Group, Talents require the right technical\managerial skills and mindset to successfully implement business transformation, incorporate sustainability, and act swiftly to drive innovation, DEI, and cultural evolution in the Next Normal.

At Generali we always strive to provide development opportunities to out Talents, which includes new generations and senior leaders, to support them in leading people and organizations, ensuring our business results for long-term competitiveness:

  • 360° FEEDBACK SURVEY, a leadership development tool to further develop leaders' self-awareness within the Group, enhance their decision-making abilities in uncertain situations, and encourage them to act as role models, promoting an inclusive work environment;
  • LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, a 5-day program with MIT to explore the challenges and opportunities of the new macroeconomic context, embrace innovative work paradigms, and delve into relevant topics such as sustainability, Generative AI, and new technologies through a mix of interactive lectures and company visits;
  • RECIPROCAL MENTORING PROGRAM, a 1-year learning journey based on ownership, exchange, and reciprocity for 400 Senior Managers and Future Owners (Generali young talents) to foster growth and global mindset, innovation, and intergenerational diversity. Each of them plays the role of both Mentor and Mentee along the journey, challenging each other and building a strong and reciprocal relationship based on trust and openness.

We are aware that the success of a sustainable business depends on the involvement of people and talent development. Therefore, we always strive to provide development opportunities to our Talents to support them in leading people and organizations.

As a consequence, in line with the Generali Competency Model, we have developed specific global processes and initiatives:

  • GLG Performance Management and Talent Review Process: an annual process involving the Senior Leaders of the Group, which aims to develop global leaders.
  • Talents Review: an annual process, carried out with the full involvement of the HR and Business leaders, that aims to discuss the acceleration and growth of selected Talents, also with a strong focus on DE&I, in order to build a sustainable leadership pipeline.
  • Development Center: an important step in our Talent identification process characterized by the completion of a leadership and behavior assessment to ensure the coherence with the Generali Lifetime Partner Competency Model.
  • We GROW: an internal global platform where open opportunities are shared in a fair and transparent way with Talents from the Group to accelerate their growth through diverse professional experiences at international and cross-functional level, empowering them to take ownership of their career development. This is a key lever to invest in the growth of our people, developing their skills through internal mobility.