The Vaia storm of 2018, an extreme climatic event that caused the fall of millions of trees across north-east Italy, has left a deep scar in the alpine environment. In a context more and more characterized by the catastrophical consequences of climate change, the “A tree for a Shareholder" program was born, an initiative that aims to bring together the participation of Generali’s shareholders to the General meeting with the Group’s commitment for the recovery of the affected areas. It is a concrete and symbolic gesture that actively involved the shareholders. In fact, for each shareholder that attended the Shareholders’ Meetings in 2022 and 2023, Generali planted a tree first in Bosco Pizzotto and then in Bosco della Panarotta in the Municipality of Levico Terme, contributing to rebuilding a damaged ecosystem. In addition, in the last edition of the program Generali had the honour of inviting the shareholders that attended the meeting to see the reforestation activities first-hand. In 2024, the action area for the interventions of the program will involve the forests in Val Cadino of the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, in the municipality of Castello-Molina di Fiemme.
The value and success of this program and the  conviction of the importance of such long-sighted initiatives fostering the compatibility of humans and environment, are strengthened year by year, gradually increasing the environmental contribution of the participants in the Annual General Meeting.
The Company thus aims at further increasing the reforestation activity, collaborating again with CO2 Advisor, local authorities and agro-forestry consortia engaged daily in the restoration of devastated areas to achieve a progressive and lasting intervention. Through the planting and maintenance of fir, larch, beech, maple and many other tree species, the goal remains to increase biodiversity, promote the absorption of CO2 and accelerate the process of recovery of the forest, making it more resilient to extreme weather events and better able to contain landslides and avalanches, as well as providing communities with important landscape resources.

Sustainability is the Originator of the Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth strategy. Over the course of the current strategic cycle, the goal is to achieve a positive and relevant social and environmental impact for all stakeholders by increasingly integrating sustainability into processes and business decisions, and by maintaining a strong commitment to the local community as an integral part of our overall strategic positioning.

The essence of insurance is the social sharing of risk, so that adverse or catastrophic events, such as those generated by climate change, do not weigh too heavily on individuals. Tackling uncertainties together is what makes them sustainable, and Generali aims to stand by its stakeholders addressing today’s challenges, protecting people, their health, the planet, and future generations.