What we offer

What we offer

When you join us we understand that you are making a commitment. We are committed to rewarding you for that decision, to care for you throughout your career with us.

In the modern world, how we work is changing and we will ensure that Generali offers the environment and care that our people deserve.

We believe in:

  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Healthier, friendly and less formal workplaces
  • Office layouts that put collaboration and connection at the heart of design

In order to protect and reconcile work commitments with family needs, our staff can take advantage of various initiatives to promote greater flexibility, including smart-working.

Recognising your performance

How we reward our people is an essential part of attracting, motivating and retaining our people who – for their technical and managerial skills and their different profiles in terms of origin, gender and experience – play a key role in our success.

Five core principles guide our remuneration programmes:

  • Equity and consistency of remuneration in relation to the assigned responsibilities and capabilities demonstrated
  • Alignment with corporate strategy and goals defined
  • Competitiveness with respect to market trends and practices
  • Value merit and performance, in terms of results, behaviours and values
  • Clear governance and compliance with the regulatory framework

Reward packages for Generali employees, are designed according to these principals, comprising a fixed salary, variable remuneration and valuable benefits such as supplementary pension, health care coverage for our employees across the globe, welfare programmes and discounts on insurance products.

See the world with Generali: our global mobility

  • Generali is global. We are present in 50 countries, offering our people a privileged position to share our goals and passion across borders.
  • The opportunity to see the world through different lenses is at the heart of our global mobility programme.
  • We take exceptional talents from across our global community and offer them an opportunity to experience another culture and way of working.
  • We will support your personal development but also ensure we continue to be connected as a global community.