Generali believes that the long-term value creation for its shareholders involves also considering all other relevant stakeholders’ interests. Our purpose to be Life-time partner is strongly linked to attention and engagement with all of them: that is why Generali wants to be close to all those who influence and are influenced by the Group’s activity.

Our purpose is to “enable people to shape a safer future by caring for their lives and dreams”. As insurers, we want to tackle the megatrends of our times, protecting people, their health, our planet and future generations. The creation of long-term value for shareholders involves also considering the interests of other investors, clients, employees and suppliers, but also the environment, the communities where the Group operates and the society as a whole.

Engagement with all Stakeholders

For this reason, Generali’s view of engagement is based on a multi-stakeholder approach: opportunities for contact and modalities of dialogue are specifically tailored for different kinds of stakeholders and for their different necessities. More in detail:

The Investor & Rating Agency Relations function is the focal point for this category of stakeholders and operates through the following sections of our website:

The Shareholders Unit, under the Corporate Affairs – Shareholders&Governance function, has the responsibility of managing relationships with retail shareholders and is, moreover, the focal point for all other shareholders regarding AGM’s issues:

Generali maintains a constant dialogue with the media: the contacts dedicated to the media and journalists are available under the following dedicated sections:

The section Our responsibilities is the point of reference for the dialogue with other relevant shareholders and for the creation of long-lasting sustainable value:

Engagement between the Board of Directors and Stakeholders

With effect from January 1st, 2021, Generali adopted the principles and recommendations of the Corporate Governance Code, issued in January 2020: Recommendation no. 3 of the Code suggests that issuers adopt a policy about the management of the dialogue with all shareholders. Subsequently, in 2023, the Board further integrated its multi-stakeholder approach in the policy, transforming it and broadening its scope in order to include all stakeholders relevant to the Company and the Group. This new policy is effective January 1st 2024.

The purpose of the Policy is to clearly define the modalities and characteristics of engagement between stakeholders and the Board of Directors. In particular, stakeholders who need to bring their engagement activities to the Board level – if they believe they could not get them to completion through the aforementioned company functions – can engage with the Board following the terms and conditions defined in the Policy that follows.