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          Arts and Culture

          The Home of The Human Safety Net, inside the Procuratie Vecchie in St Mark's Square in Venice, opened to the public in April 2022 for the first time in its 500-year history, after extensive restoration work by David Chipperfield Architects Milan. 

          The challenge of restoring and redeveloping a building of such historical and monumental importance as the Procuratie Vecchie was to give new life to one of the masterpieces of 16th-century Venetian architecture, respecting its historical features but at the same time adapting it to the needs of modern use. The interventions included the restoration of the first and second floors, the reorganisation of accessibility and usability through the development of new vertical circulation, and the renovation of the third floor, which is open to the public. The interventions looked at ancient, local and traditional building techniques and made use of local craftsmen for flooring, cladding and ceilings, seeking to recover the integrity of what has been present for hundreds of years in what is probably Venice's most representative place.

          The third floor hosts 'A World of Potential', an interactive exhibition focusing on the concept of human potential that leads visitors to explore their strengths through interaction with a series of interactive multimedia installations.  In addition to the exhibition, the third floor also hosts the Illy Café, a refreshing space where people can meet to enjoy good food and drink; The Hub, a co-working space where teams from The Human Safety Net, partner NGOs and other organisations can develop projects related to sustainability and social inclusion; and The Hall, a state-of-the-art auditorium, ideal for international conferences, congresses and events with sustainability objectives at their core.

          The renovation of the Procuratie Vecchie is part of a broader renovation of the entire Marciana area that Generali has supported with pride and passion. These include the renovation of the Giardini Reali, brought back to life by landscape architect Paolo Pejrone, in collaboration with the Venice Gardens Foundation.

          Arts and Culture
          Arts and Culture

          Fondazione Giorgio Cini © ORCH

          We recognize that art is a powerful driver of knowledge and growth. Since 2014, we have been the main partner to help open to the public Venice's magnificent Palazzo Cini Gallery, Home Museum of the great collector Vittorio Cini. We have been working for many years alongside the Giorgio Cini Foundation as an institutional supporter. We believe that it is fundamental to rediscover its roots and make its rich artistic and cultural heritage ever more accessible to the community, so we are promoting a new project of guided visits to the Cini Foundation on the Island of San Giorgio. Specifically designed educational activities also demonstrate our commitment to culture for young people. The Radici del Presente (Roots of the Present) museum in our premises in Piazza Venezia, in Rome, is home to the Group's archaeological collection. It is accessible to visitors in a space designed for young people, organizing thematic lessons for schools about archaeological topics.

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          The Second Violinist, Fedora - Generali Prize for Opera

          We actively engage in promoting music, which we support through active partnerships with organizations like FEDORA, The European Circle of Philanthropists of Opera and Ballet. The FEDORA - Generali Prize for Opera is awarded to new opera co-productions of excellence created by emerging young artists. Music is also supported through partnerships with theatres, including the Teatro la Fenice in Venice and the Rossetti theatre in Trieste.

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          Arts and Culture

          Valore Cultura

          We support the activities of Italy's great opera houses and the exhibitions of the great masters of art, with initiatives that are accessible to young people, families, schools and communities, with projects that drive development in the areas in which we operate.
          In this context, the first Generali Valore Cultura space has been opened in Rome in Palazzo Bonaparte, a historic Generali building, which has been offered to the city as a centre for major artistic events following a major restoration. In Venice, the Ca' Corniani development project has also come to life, a historic area of more than 1,770 hectares inland in the Venetian lagoon, restored with innovative projects involving technology and contemporary art.

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          Arts and Culture

          Grand Balloon de Paris © Generali France

          To protect the environment, we activate both raising awareness initiatives and specific projects. In France, we sponsor the Grand Ballon de Paris. This hot air balloon measures pollution levels in the French capital by analyzing air quality, making an important contribution to science and understanding.
          We work to raise environmental awareness in Asia through The Green Power Hike initiative in Hong Kong. Meanwhile, in Italy, through Europ Assistance, we look after a 17-hectare forest known as the Bosco dei 100 Passi (The 100 Steps Wood) near Milan.