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          The Group management committee is the international committee responsible for establishing Group strategic priorities. The committee's goal is to promote alignment between Group business units and ensure more effective and inclusive decision-making.

          Our management
          Board of directors Maurizio
Basso Philippe
Donnet Nora Gürtler Giuseppe
Catalano Sandro
Panizza Antonio
Cangeri Bruno Scaroni Pedro Gonzalez Rossia Isabelle
Conner Anna
Pieri Giancarlo
Fancel Simone
Bemporad Monica Alessandra Possa Jean-
Laurent Granier Marco Sesana Giovanni
Liverani Giovanni
Liverani Massimiliano Ottochian Cristiano
Borean Jaime
Anchùstegui Carlo Trabattoni Michele Valeriani
          • Member of Group Management Committee

          *   The Head of Corporate Affairs also reports to the Group CEO for the relevant aspects

          Philippe Donnet

          Group CEO
          Born in Suresnes (France), on July 26, 1960.

          Philippe Donnet has been the Group CEO of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. since March 17, 2016. He joined Generali in October 2013 as Country Manager Italy and CEO of Generali Italia S.p.A. In this role, he spearheaded the process of merging the existing Generali brands in Italy, one of the most challenging integration and simplification projects in the European insurance industry.


          Philippe Donnet graduated from the École Polytechnique in Paris in 1983 with a degree in Engineering and then went to the Institut des Actuaires where he completed his studies in 1991.
          Between 1985 and 2007, he held various positions within the AXA Group, most recently serving as Regional CEO Asia Pacific, Singapore. In 2007, he became the Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Wendel Investissements, Singapore. In 2010, he co-founded the investment management company HLD in Paris. 

          Philippe Donnet For additional info see also the Linkedin profile.

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          Jaime Anchústegui

          CEO International
          Born in San Sebastián (Spain) on 29 August 1961


          Jaime Anchústegui has been appointed Group Chief Operations & Insurance Officer on January 1st, 2018.



          He was previously EMEA Regional Officer and LatAm Regional Officer, based in São Paulo, Brazil, until March 2015.
          He launched Generali Seguros in 2010 after being appointed CEO of Generali España in 2008 and presiding over the merger of local subsidiaries, Vitalicio Seguros and Estrella Seguros, of which he had been General Manager since 2006 and 2008 respectively. In 2003 Jaime was appointed Regional Manager for Latin America after having been General Manager of Generali Mexico since 2000. He was head of the Administration and Finance Department at Generali Peru from 1994, having joined the Generali Group in 1993, after taking an Executive Master in Business Administration at Madrid’s IE Business School in 1992.
          Since 2015 he has been member of the board in Turkey, Greece and Belgium and Chairmen of the Board of Directors in Spain, Switzerland and Austria.

          Jamie began his professional career as an engineer with Unieco, an engineering design corporation, when he graduated from the Polytechnic University of Madrid with a degree in Agricultural Engineering, followed by an MBA at Madrid’s IE Business School.

          Jaime Anchústegui For additional info see also the Linkedin profile.

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          Maurizio Basso - Ph. Giuliano Koren

          Group Compliance Function 

          Maurizio Basso was appointed Group Compliance Officer of Assicurazioni Generali on March 13th, 2013. Born in Montebelluna (TV) on April 24th 1962, he graduated in Law from the University of Padua and became a lawyer.

          He started his career in Generali Group in 1992 as legal consultant in La Venezia Assicurazioni and other Italian insurance companies of the Group. From 1993 to 1995 he also acted as Head of Internal Control and Corporate Secretary in Altinia SIM.
          In 1995 he moved to Assicurazioni Generali working in special projects within the Group Life Coordination function.
          In 1997 he moved to Alleanza Assicurazioni, working as Head of Legal. In 2002 he was appointed General Counsel and Corporate Secretary.
          In 2009, when Alleanza Assicurazioni was merged in Assicurazioni Generali he became Head of Corporate Secretary for Italian Group Companies in Assicurazioni Generali.
          In 2011 he was appointed Head of Italian Insurance Compliance within Group Compliance.

          For information on Maurizio Basso’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Simone Bemporad - Ph. Giuliano Koren

          Group Communications & Public Affairs Director

          Simone Bemporad joined Assicurazioni Generali in January 2014 as Group Communications and Public Affairs Director.


          In 2012 he founded a strategic consulting company working with British and Italian clients as well as Stroock & Stroock & Lavan, a New York based law firm, following ten years at Finmeccanica. He was appointed CEO of Finmeccanica (now Leonardo) North America in 2007, and the following year coordinated the government approval process for the acquisition of DRS Technologies for $5.2 billion. Bemporad joined the Finmeccanica after serving for one year in 2002 as chief of staff for the Chairman of Enel, Piero Gnudi.

          In 2001, the then General Director of the Italian Treasury Ministry and future Italian Prime Minister, Prof. Mario Draghi, gave him the task of coordinating the white paper on Privatization in Italy. In 2000, he became press secretary for the Institute for Industrial Reconstruction S.p.A. (IRI), following ten years of covering economics, politics and finance, while managing the press office of the Transport Federation of the Italian General Confederation of Labour (CGIL), and then at the Italian Industry Ministry.

          Simone Bemporad began his journalistic career in 1988, working for press agencies, newspapers and weekly magazines. He has published books on public companies and privatization, served on several Boards of Directors, and is currently Senior Associate at the Center of Strategic and International Studies in Washington D.C. 

          For information on Simone Bemporad’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Cristiano Borean

          Group Chief Financial Officer

          Born in Trieste on 13 October 1973.
          Cristiano Borean has been appointed Group Chief Financial Officer of Generali in July 2018.

          Since 2015 he has been Chief Financial Officer and Member of the Executive Committee of Generali France.
          He joined Generali Head Office in 2003 in the role of Derivatives Trader, becoming in 2004 Fixed Income portfolio and Treasury manager in Generali UK Branch. In 2005 he was appointed Deputy Head of Financial Risk Management Group Project Coordination. In 2006 he was senior analyst in the Asset and Liability Department of Generali France with focusing over savings and pension business. From 2007 he was in charge of the Quantitative Finance and Deputy Head of Strategic Asset Allocation in Generali Head Office. In 2009 he joined Genertel as Head of Non-motor sector becoming in 2012 Head of Products and Services Area. In 2013 he was appointed Group Head of Corporate Finance of Generali Head Office.

          Cristiano graduated in Physics at University of Trieste, followed by a Ph.D. in Particle Physics with an experiment done at Stanford University. Before joining Generali he did research at CERN in Geneva and at Stanford University.

          Cristiano Borean For additional info see also the Linkedin profile.  

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          Antonio Cangeri - Ph. Giuliano Koren

          Group General Counsel

          Born in Rome on 18 June 1966.

          Antonio Cangeri has been Group General Counsel of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. since 2012.


          From 2009 to 2012 he worked as Head of Group Compliance, having begun his career with the Group in 2006 as Head of Legal and Corporate Affairs and Compliance of Generali Investments Italy. Before moving to Generali, he joined Banca Fideuram in 2000, working as Head of the General Secretariat until 2006. From 1996 to 1999 he worked in the Legal and Corporate Affairs Department at Deutsche Bank.

          Antonio graduated in Law from the LUISS University of Rome in 1990 and earned a Masters in Law “Legum Magister” from the University of Munich in 1995.

          Antonio was Secretary of the Board of Directors of Assicurazioni Generali S.p.A. from 2012 to 2014, and held the same position on Banca Fideuram board until 2006.

          For information on Antonio Cangeri’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Giuseppe Catalano

          Head of Corporate Affairs & Company Secretary

          Born in Bari on April 21st, 1967, Giuseppe Catalano is Company Secretary and Head of Corporate Affairs of Assicurazioni Generali SpA, overseeing corporate governance issues of the Company and acting as Secretary of the Board of Directors and of the Board Committees.

          From 2005 to January 2015 he acted as Legal and Corporate Affairs Executive Director of Indesit Company SpA, coordinating all the legal advice activities and corporate issues of the Indesit Group.

          From 2000 to 2005 he was Head of Legal and Corporate Department of Natuzzi SpA, a NYSE-listed company; previously, he was Head of Legal Department – Statutory and Corporate bodies of Banca IMI S.p.A., coordinating relations with the group parent company and surveillance authorities, and internal legal adviser and Board Secretary of IMI Bank (Lux) S.A.

          He practiced as free-lance lawyer after admission at Italian Bar and graduated as Ph.D. at Scuola Superiore S. Anna in Pisa after becoming J.D. at Law School of University of Bari.

          He is actually member of the Consultative Working Group of Secondary Markets Standing Committee at ESMA.

          For information on Giuseppe Catalano’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Isabelle Conner - Ph. Giuliano Koren

          Group Chief Marketing & Customer Officer
          Born in London (Ontario Canada) on August 20, 1964.


          Isabelle Conner is the Group Chief Marketing Officer specialized in financial services brands, since May 2014, and she is based in Milan.


          Prior to Generali, Isabelle was the Group CMO for Zurich Insurance Group from 2011 and ING from 2004, based in Amsterdam and London. Before ING, Isabelle spent 18 years working in New York where she ran marketing departments at several leading global financial institutions including Deutsche Bank from 1998, Weiss, Peck & Greer from 1996, and Prudential Securities from 1989. She began her career as a financial reporter, working for an online French financial information news wire based in Paris.
          Isabelle holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs with a minor in Economics from The American University of Paris. Her early years were spent in Asia and Africa where her father worked in the oil business, during which time she acquired a curiosity for all international things.

          Isabelle Conner For additional info see also the Linkedin profile.

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          Giancarlo Fancel

          Group Chief Risk Officer
          Born in Portogruaro on 26 September 1961.

          Giancarlo Fancel previously Chief Financial Officer of Generali Country Italia and Global Business Lines, since August 2019 is Chairman of BG FUND MANAGEMENT LUXEMBOURG S.A., in 2016 was appointed Chairman of Banca Generali. Now he is also Chairman of Genagricola, the agri-food holding of the Generali Group, controlled by Generali Italia, of Agricola San Giorgio and Leone Alato.

          Degree in Economics from the University of Trieste, auditor and chartered accountant, he began his professional career with Ernst & Young where he gained significant experience in the field of budget review (1988-1999). Since 1999 he has joined the Generali Group as Head of Internal Audit, covering various positions until becoming head of the Controlling Department (2005-2007). From February 2007 to July 2014 he served as Deputy General Manager and Chief Financial Officer of Banca Generali, where previously he was CFO.

          For information on Giancarlo Fancel’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Jean-Laurent Granier - Ph. Hervé Thouroude

          Country Manager France & Europ Assistance
          Born in France on January 2 1966.


          Jean-Laurent Granier has been appointed Country manager for France and Président Directeur Général (PDG) of Generali France in June 2017.


          Jean-Laurent Granier, graduated from the Ecole Polytechnique and Ensae and from the French Institute of Actuaries (Institut des Actuaires).
          He joined UAP in 1990 then AXA in 1997 and worked in various positions at AXA France. Since January 2010, Granier has been Chief Executive Officer of the Mediterranean and Latin America Region, encompassing 23 countries, and a member of the AXA Executive Committee. From January 2012 to June 2016, Jean-Laurent Granier has been also Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of AXA Global P&C and a member of the AXA Management Committee.

          Jean-Laurent Granier For additional info see also the Linkedin profile.  

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          Nora Gürtler

          Head of Group Audit
          Born in Mannheim on 5 November 1970.


          Nora Gürtler’s appointment as Head of Group Audit has been announced on August 2nd, 2017, and was formalized on October 1st, 2017.



          After Mathematics degrees at ENS Lyon and Karlsruhe University, followed by a PHD in Asymptotic Statistic, Nora Gürtler started working as an analyst at Tillinghast-Towers Perrin in Cologne. She joined Generali Deutschland Holding AG in 2003 as a Senior Analyst and Technical Controller P&C, to later become Head of Actuarial Valuations Life / Health.

          Between 2011 and 2016 she held various positions within Generali Deutschland Holding, among which Head of Enterprise Risk Management and of Generali Germany’s Solvency II project.

          In 2015 she became Member of the Executive Committee and in 2016 Board member of Generali Deutschland AG, Generali Lebensversicherung, Generali Versicherung AG and Dialog Lebensversicherungs-AG.

          She also held the Chief Risk Officer position at the German Holding.

          Nora is a Fellow of the German Actuarial Association (DAV) and a Certified Enterprise Risk Actuary (CERA). She remains active in teaching Risk & Actuarial at the German and the European Actuarial Academy as well as at Salzburg University, and is a member of DAV’s Enterprise Risk Committee and the Education Committee.

          For information on Nora Gürtler’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Giovanni Liverani - Ph. Giuliano Koren

          Country Manager Germany and Austria & CEE Officer a.i.

          Born June 1, 1964 in Udine, Italy.

          Giovanni Liverani graduated in Engineering from the Politecnico di Milano, specializing in industrial technologies.
          Since 2015 he is a member of the Group Management Committee (GMC) of Assicurazioni Generali and Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of Generali Deutschland. He also serves as Country Manager for Germany. Since March 2022 he serves as Austria & CEE Officer a.i.

          Giovanni has been working for Assicurazioni Generali since he started his career in 1991. After a training in the United States, in 1994 he co-founded Genertel SpA, Italy’s leader in the direct sales of insurance products. Since the first policy the company issued, and in the following years until 2005, he contributed to transform Genertel into a large and innovative online insurer.
          Between 2006 and 2013 he occupied the international role as Area Manager in charge of the Business Unit coordinating the German-speaking countries within the Generali Group. In this period, he launched several international group-wide projects aimed at strengthening customer centricity and distribution capabilities.
          In 2013, he contributed to start the turnaround project of Generali Italia in his capacity as Head of Business Performance Management Unit for Central Europe.
          Before assuming his current role in Germany, from November 2013 to April 2015 he was Regional CEO for Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), consisting of 12 different countries/ business units. 

          Giovanni currently holds the position as Country Manager for Germany and Chairman of the Management Board and CEO of Generali Deutschland. Since March 2022 he holds ad interim the position as Regional Officer Austria and Central Eastern Europe and CEO of Generali CEE Holding. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Italian-German Chamber of Commerce in Germany. He served in many Boards of companies belonging to the Generali Group including Generali Italia, Alleanza, Genertel, Europ Assistance, Generali Vienna Holding AG, Generali Vida Companhia de Seguros SA, Generali España Holding De Entidades De Seguros SA, Generali Schweiz Holding AG, Generali Belgium SA. 

          Giovanni Liverani For additional info see also the Linkedin profile.

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          Massimiliano Ottochian

          Group Mergers & Acquisitions

          Massimiliano Ottochian joined Assicurazioni Generali in September 2020 with the role of Group Head of Mergers and Acquisitions.


          Since 2009 Massimiliano Ottochian has been a Managing Director in the Investment Banking Department of Deutsche Bank based in London and Milan. He has been responsible, in the Financial Institutions Group, for origination and execution of M&A and corporate finance transactions for the insurance, banking, asset management and specialty finance sectors in Europe.  He has participated in over EUR100bn of equity and debt capital issuance as well as M&A transactions in Europe, Americas and Asia. Prior to joining Deutsche Bank he has been a Managing Director at UBS in London where he spent 13 years having joined SG Warburg (then become UBS) as an Analyst and after a period in Management Consultancy. In 2001 he was appointed as Chief of Staff of the Global Head of Investment Banking at UBS.  Massimiliano Ottochian graduated at Bocconi University and is an EFFAS Certified Financial Analyst. 

          For information on Massimiliano Ottochian’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Sandro Panizza - Ph. Federico Guida

          Group Chief Insurance & Investment Officer

          Born in Monclassico (Trento, Italy) on 2 July 1958.

          Sandro Panizza has been appointed Group Chief Insurance & Investment Officer starting from March 2021. 


          Sandro Panizza joined Generali Group in 2013 as Group Chief Risk Officer. Before taking the position of the Group CRO, he was Managing Director and CFO of INA Assitalia from 2010, and prior to that had been Managing Director and CFO of Alleanza Assicurazioni from 2004. Sandro’s career has been focused on financial services since he began working for Intesa San Paolo (former IMI) in 1983, taking the position of Head of Risk Management, before moving to Banca Fideuram, where he was responsible for strategic planning, budgeting and management control.

          He received a Master in Business Administration from Bocconi University in Milan in 1987, having graduated from the University of Rome La Sapienza with a degree in Economics in 1982.
          Sandro Panizza is a member of the Group Management Committee of Assicurazioni Generali.

          For information on Sandro Panizza’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Anna Pieri

          Group Head of Actuarial Function

          Born in Roma (Italy) on May 10th, 1969.
          On January 1st, 2019 Anna Pieri has been nominated Generali Group Head of Actuarial Function.


          Anna joined Generali in 1995 as Actuary in the Actuary Office of Toro Assicurazioni. She worked then from 1997 to 2013 in Ina Assitalia where she covered several roles in the technical area, becoming the responsible of Finance, ALM and Value Department in 2012.
          In 2013 she joined Generali Italia as responsible for Value and Technical Valuations Service, and she has been then appointed Country Head of the Actuarial Function in 2015.
          She is a member of the Order of Italian Actuaries since 1996.
          Anna graduated in Statistics and Actuarial Sciences from the University of “La Sapienza” in Rome in 1993.

          For information on Anna Pieri’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Monica Alessandra Possa - Ph. Giuliano Koren

          Group Chief HR & Organization Officer

          Born in Milan (Italy) on 18 October 1964 

          Monica Alessandra Possa has been head of Group HR & Organization Director at Assicurazioni Generali since March 2013.


          She joined the Group after working at RCS Media Group from 2004 as Group HR and Organization Director. Prior to which she had been at Omnitel (later Vodafone) from 1999, working in a number of different roles, such as Head of HR for Italy, Head of HR for South Europe and Head of HR for the SEMEA Region. Monica worked for The Boston Consulting Group as a Management Consultant from 1994, where she was responsible for strategic-organizational projects for clients within the consumer goods industry in Europe.
          She began her career as a Management Consultant with Gemini Consulting in 1990, after working as a research and teaching Assistant at Bocconi University, Milan from 1989 to 1990.
          Monica received a Master in Business Administration from INSEAD Fontainebleau, France in 1994, having graduated from Bocconi University in 1989 with a degree in International Economics.
          Monica is a Board Member of Generali Italia and the Generali Group Foundation. She is also a Board Member of the European Institute of Oncology.
          During her tenure at RCS she was a Board Member at DADA Spa and Unidad Editorial SA. She was also Secretary of the RCS Media Group Remuneration Committee, and during her time at Vodafone was a Trustee of the Vodafone Group Foundation. 

          For information on Monica Alessandra Possa’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Pedro Gonzalez Rossia

          CEO Office

          Born in Santa Fe, Argentina, February 19th, 1980.

          Pedro joined Generali in 2009 . After working in the Operational Risk Department in Group Head Office, he transferred to Generali Argentina as Risk and Compliance Manager in 2012. Shortly thereafter, he assumed the role of Head of Risk and Compliance Latam, a position he held until 2017. He joined the Caja de Seguros Management Team in 2014 first as Risk Officer and then was appointed Head of Operations in 2017. In 2020, he was named Head of the GCEO Office in Milan.

          Prior to his professional experience in insurance, Pedro worked dealing with innovation projects within the Information and Communications Technology sector.

          Pedro holds a degree in industrial engineering from the Universidad Nacional del Litoral - Argentina and carried out his postgraduate studies in Italy, US and China.

          For information on Pedro Gonzales Rossia’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Marco Sesana - Ph. Giuliano Koren

          Country Manager Italy & Global Business Lines
          Born in Milan, on March 16 1973.
          Marco Sesana has been CEO of  Generali Italia since May 2016 and Country Manager of Italy since January 2017.

          He graduated in Engineering at the “Politecnico di Milano” university and got his Master in Business Administration at the Yale School of Management. He joined Generali Italia in 2013, as Chief Operating Officer, to implement the integration of insurance Italian companies, completed in 2015. He was then appointed Chief Insurance & Operating Officer, with responsibility on all the insurance business – life & P&C as well as claims handling – to become Chief Executive Officer in May 2016.
          Prior to joining Generali, Marco developed a wide experience in the insurance field, managing international turnaround plans while working in leading consultants specialized in business strategy.

          Marco Sesana For additional info see also the Linkedin profile.  

          For information on Marco Sesana’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Bruno Scaroni

          Group Chief Transformation Officer


          Born in Milan on April 1, 1977.



          Bruno Scaroni graduated in Industrial Engineering from Politecnico di Milano and holds an MBA in Finance and Management from the Columbia Business School in New York.
          In 2000 he joined Goldman Sachs International as a Financial Analyst in the Investment Banking Division and then McKinsey in 2004 where he worked in various industries. In 2008 he joined Zurich Financial Services in the Global Life Division, and in 2010 he became Head of Sales Planning and Development of Zurich Italy.
          In 2013 he joined Assicurazioni Generali, first as Chief Distribution Officer of Generali Italy and then, in 2014, as CEO of Europ Assistance Italy.
          In 2017 he joins the Generali Head Office as Group Strategy & Business Accelerator Director, in charge of Group Strategy and Business Accelerator functions, Group Business Development & Partnerships as well as Vitality and Group Bancassurance.
          In 2021, he is appointed Group Chief Transformation Officer, which encompasses the Group Strategy & Business Transformation, Group Business Development & Innovation, Group Operations & Processes, Group Data & Digital e Group Security functions.
          The Group Bancassurance function and Generali Vitality also remain under his responsibility.

          For information on Bruno Scaroni’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Carlo Trabattoni

          CEO Asset & Wealth Management


          Born in Seregno (Milan - Italy) on July 28, 1958.

          Joined Generali in September 2017 as Head of the Multi Boutique Platform, based in Milan.


          Prior to Generali, Carlo was the Head of pan-European distribution and Global Financial Institutions group for Schroders where he spent over 20 years covering various roles based in UK, Continental Europe and Japan.
          In his career he held a number of executive committees and board positions in national associations (Assogestioni, International Financial Institutions and Investment Association) and business units (Schroders International Sicav, Schroders Italy, Schroders Tokyo, Schroders UK).
          He became Head of Distribution, Advisor to the CEO in Santander AM in London from August 2016 until February 2017.
          From 1st October 2018 he is the Managing Director of Generali Investments Partners Sgr S.p.A. and became board member of the following companies (listed in a chronological order of appointment): Generali Global Infrastructure, Aperture Investors LLC, Aperture Investors Ltd UK, Aperture Investors Sicav, Generali Real Estate SGR, Lumyna Investments Ltd, Sycomore Factory, Plenisfer Investments SGR.
          Carlo holds a Bachelor of Economics degree from Bocconi University. 

          For information on Carlo Trabattoni’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.

          Michele Valeriani

          Group Anti Financial Crime

          Born in Rome on December 3rd, 1981, Michele is the Group Head of Anti Financial Crime.

          Michele joined AG last April 19th from UniCredit where he was the Global Head of Anti Financial Crime and Group Bank Secrecy Act Officer, responsible for all related processes (Risk Appetite Framework, Risk Assessment, Controls, Transaction Monitoring, Suspicious Activities Reporting, etc.). He was also appointed responsible for the UniCredit Monitorship Liaison Office, in charge of the Global Remediation Program which UniCredit implemented as a fallout of the investigation of the US Authorities in relation to Sanctions Compliance matters. Previously, he covered different senior managerial roles in Compliance, as Global Head of Risk Assessment, Second Level Controls, Training & Culture for non Financial Crime Risks (Market Integrity, Customer Protection, Conduct Risk) and Global Head of Governance, Oversight and Special Projects.
          Michele started his career in London in early 2004 in the Investment Banking Division of Deutsche Bank AG, within the European M&A, ECM and DCM desks, where he successfully completed several cross border transactions. In late 2006 he joined the restructuring and turnaround practice of Bain & Company, being in charge of debt restructuring and financial modelling for companies in distressed situations. 
          He graduated in Economics from Bocconi University with major in Finance at the New York Leonard Stern Business School and International Business at the Copenhagen Business School. 
          He holds an MBA in Finance and Management with honor from the IE Business School in Madrid and completed an Executive Program on Leadership and Digital technologies and Insead, Paris and IMD, Lausanne.

          For information on Michele Valeriani’s shareholdings, see the dedicated section.