What accessibility means

Accessibility applied to websites, tools, and technologies means that they are designed and developed to let people with disabilities have the possibility to use them and their features rightly.

The ability of information systems to deliver digital products and services usable, without discrimination even by those who require assistive technologies or special configurations, is the key in designing a satisfying and inclusive user experience.

More specifically, thanks to accessibility people can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with the digital products.

In addition, accessibility often also brings benefits to all users, since we can summarize it as the practice of making a website or a digital tool easily usable by as many people as possible.

What accessibility means to Generali

As a socially responsible organization, we strive to promote a culture where Diversity, Equity and Inclusion is embedded in how we work and do business every day. We believe inclusion is everybody’s job.

All of us around the world are taking actions to create sustainable solutions, ensuring that every person has access to opportunities, feels empowered to take ownership and challenge biases leading the transformation with a human touch. This also means to listen to our stakeholders, to their needs and expectations, as well as lead digital innovation and make insurance products accessible anytime, anywhere, and to anyone.

The Accessibility Statement

The Accessibility Statement below is therefore the result of the assessment carried out considering technical verifications of compliance, in accordance with accessibility specifications, by expert resources through the help of automatic validators and timely manual verifications, on an exhaustive sample of pages.

Our actions toward a more accessible website

As a way to make all Generali digital products accessible by 2025 - following the European Accessibility Act (EAA) directive - we are working on the ‘three pillars’ of accessibility, namely design, content and code, in order to continuously improve our properties’ accessibility level by concrete and steady actions. At the core of this objective, the standard compliance is very important as well as our purpose of understanding of all types of users, showing empathy in building products and services where everyone can have access to information: it is all about caring and involving people, making sure they all have access to the best user experience possible.