Generali France applies easing of guarantees and financial solidarity measures to support the activities of customers, especially Companies and Professionals

In facing the lockdown, Generali France wishes to protect the health of its employees, while ensuring that its activities continue and that it remains close to its customers, especially Companies and Professionals affected by this health and economic crisis.

Therefore, in addition to the increased Santé & Prévoyance benefits – due particularly to the significant increase in work stoppages – Generali France has signed up to the commitment undertaken by the industry. Therefore, since 23 March and on an exceptional basis, Generali France shall pay a daily allowance to vulnerable people (pregnant women and those with long-term health conditions).

Determined to ensure that none of its client companies finds itself in financial difficulties due to its insurance policies, Generali has decided to maintain their cover even in the event of a delay in paying premiums. It is suspending the sending of formal payment demands and the recovery processes and deferring the rent of VSEs/SMEs that have closed or are in difficulties.

The company has also decided to extend, pragmatically and free of charge, the level of protection of some of its Professional and Company policies. This is the case in particular for the cover provided under Flottes Auto policies, which has been extended to the personal vehicles of employees required to them in a professional context (Auto Missions policy).

As regards Borrower insurance, for Individuals/Companies/Professionals deferring their loan repayments with their banks (deferrals of up to six months), Generali is freezing the premium scale and extending the cover provided under its Novità policy, with no need for any medical formalities.

As regards financial solidarity, the company is also coming to the aid of customers facing difficulties connected with the crisis, through the €100 million Generali Covid-19 international fund, established by the Generali Group on 12 March.

Lastly, Generali France is a major contributor to the €200 million commitment made by the Fédération française de l’Assurance (French Insurance Federation, FFA) to finance the solidarity funds established by the government for the VSEs and sole traders most affected by the crisis. The company will also cooperate fully with the industry in discussions with the government on the possibility of creating a health catastrophe insurance system based on the model of that already in place for natural disasters.