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          Our activities and business model

          We are one of the world's biggest insurers, with an innovative product offering, a multichannel distribution strategy and a significant geographical diversification. 
          We aim to become and remain the most trusted Investments, Asset Management and Wealth Management partner for all our stakeholders


          We develop simple, integrated, customized and competitive Life and the Property&Casualty insurance solutions for our clients: the offer ranges from savings, individual and family protection policies, unit-linked policies, as well as motor third-party liability (MTPL), home, accident and health policies, to sophisticated coverage for commercial and industrial risks and tailored plans for multinational companies. We are among the leaders in the retail sector and over time have strengthened our position in the corporate sector with a dedicated international unit.

          We distribute our products and we offer our services based on a multi-channel strategy, while also relying on new technologies: not only through our global network of agents and financial advisors, but also through brokers, bancassurance and direct channels (phone and web).

          The premiums we receive from our clients to enter into insurance contracts are responsibly invested in high quality assets.

          The premiums collected are managed through appropriate asset-liability management policies so as to guarantee the payment of claims and benefits to our policyholders or their beneficiaries after death, accidents or the occurrence of the insured event.

          INSURANCE: Group Highlights at December 31, 2018

          INSURANCE: Group Highlights at December 31, 2018
          INSURANCE: Group Highlights at December 31, 2018

          Total gross written premium by country (*)

          Total gross written premium by country (*)


          We are an active global player in asset management, with more than 500 billion euro of assets.
          All Group’s units operating in investments, asset management and wealth management are unified into a specific, single Business Unit.


          (Figures at December 31, 2018)

          Coherently with the Group asset management strategy announced in May 2017, the new business unit aims at expanding the customer base to third–party clients, transforming the asset management arm of the Group from an insurance services provider in a foremost player in the asset management industry.

          A leaner, more efficient and more modern organizational structure will allow the Group to:

          • exploit cross-selling and rationalization opportunities in order to reach a broader customer base increasing the weight of third-party customers, and to change the business mix by shifting to more capital-light products. One such example is the launch of the Liability-Driven Investment Solutions, which aims to offer insurance investments advisory services, internally developed, to external institutional clients
          • create a solid and lean platform that facilitates the development of the Multi-boutique model, which consists in the creation of asset & savings management firms in partnership with expertise on niche asset classes and guarantees the interests alignment between the Boutiques’ management and the Group, alongside with limited risk for our shareholders.

          The Unit operates in three areas:

          • Investment Management: implementation of Asset Liability Management (ALM) and Strategic Asset Allocation (SAA) models for Group Insurance Companies
          • Asset Management: asset management services targeted mainly at insurance clients, with the goal to widen the client base to third-party customers, both institutional (such as pension funds and foundations) and retail
          • Wealth Management: financial advisory and wealth protection services offered to private clients, mainly through Banca Generali Group.