Performance and Reporting

Generali wants to communicate its commitment to stakeholders and report on its sustainability performance in order to guarantee the transparency of information and proper comparison over the years.

We started our reporting journey in 2004 with the publication of our first Sustainability Report. Since then, we have been publishing our performance on an annual basis and our reports have been approved by the Group’s Board of Directors.

As of 2017, the Group has presented its long-term value creation process through the Annual Integrated Reportin an organic way, connecting financial and non-financial information and disclosing how sustainability supports the business development and results. Additional non-financial information is made available on the Group website, informing our stakeholders of our commitments, actions and performances in the social and environmental spheres, which also underline our support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Over the years, the commitments and the results achieved by the Generali Group have improved the ratings assigned by the main agencies in the ESG (environmental, social and governance) performances and have led to the inclusion of the Group in important international sustainability indices.

Reporting Frameworks

We report in line with the principles of accuracy, balance, clarity, comparability, completeness, timeliness and reliability.

The Annual Integrated Report  is drafted in compliance with currently effective regulations, among which the provisions of leg. decree 254/2016 on the environmental, social, employee-related, respect for human rights and anti-corruption and bribery information, that forms the content of the Consolidated Non-Financial Statement (NFS) and is clearly identified through a specific infographic, as well as the provisions of Regulation EU 2020/852 (known as EU Taxonomy Regulation) and the relative Delegated Regulations.
The Annual Integrated Report is in accordance with the criteria of the International <IR> Framework issued by International Integrated Reporting Council, is in line with the 2023
 priorities on non-financial information by European Securities and Market Authority (ESMA)  and considers the TCFD recommendations and the Guidelines on non-financial reporting of the European Commission as for the environmental matters. Furthermore, for the disclosure of non-financial matters envisaged by leg. decree 254/2016 the Annual Integrated Report uses  selected indicators from the GRI Standards 2021 and indicators in accordance with a proprietary methodology.

Keeping abreast on the sustainability reporting landscape is very important for the Group. In doing so, we can ensure that we are meeting the needs of our various stakeholders and communicating effectively to all of these groups. Since last year, Generali has chosen to map its existing disclosures to that of SASB’s Insurance Sector Standards (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board). You can find our assessment of this mapping in our SASB Index.