Diversity Policy

Generali recognises and embraces the benefits of diversity at all levels of the Group, including Corporate Bodies, and in all aspects, including gender, age, ethnicity, geographical origin, cultural identity, qualifications, skills, educational and professional background, tenure, disability and sexual orientation.

This Policy, updated by the Board in November 2021, in the frame of its ordinary periodic review process, defines and formalises the criteria and tools adopted by Generali to ensure a diversified and inclusive composition of its Corporate Bodies (Board of Directors and Board of Statutory Auditors).

The Diversity Policy defines the criteria and implementation methods adopted by Generali to ensure diversify and inclusive composition within the Corporate Bodies, in line with applicable laws and regulations, the Articles of Association, internal regulations and international best practices. The Policy provides also illustrative and non-binding guidelines on relevant aspects regarding diversity, in terms of diversity of skills and variety of viewpoints of the members of the Corporate Bodies relevant also for the quality of decision-making processes.