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Future and past in the Generali Group’s posters and historical advertising

Tim Lahan, the duo Craig&Karl, Max Guther, Gérard DuBois, Elena Xausa, Alëna Skarina, are six young international emerging artists who realized, as part of the events dedicated to the Generali’s 190 years of history, This is Tomorrow project.

Designed and curated by prof. Luca Massimo Barbero, the project has given the opportunity to contemporary artists to re-interpret the values and the issues related to Generali Group’s commitment to sustainability through six new graphic works.

New perspectives and visions of the future, therefore, for central topics such as climate protection and biodiversity, the focus on communities - also through the activity of The Human Safety Net Foundation -, the relationship between generations to that with technology, up to the ambition to be Lifetime Partner of customers.

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In the company's heritage, the different styles of historical posters, ranging from the symbolic-fabulous to the verist and futurist, interpret tastes and trends, they adapt and adhere to times and places, in every part of the world, precisely because they reflect the internationality of the Generali Group.

Thus, the vision of the future is intertwined with that of the past through the graphic art tradition of some of the most representative artists such as Leopoldo Metlicovitz, Plinio Codognato, Tito Corbella, Marcello Dudovich, Gino Boccasile, Achille Beltrame, Gian Luciano Sormani, Aldo Busi, and many others.

From the splendour of liberty images, to views of Venice, elegant female figures, rural themes, "small advertising", and ironic cartoons by Giorgio Forattini, Milo Manara and Marco Biassoni, here is the intent of the insurance product's pedagogical message, the culture of risk measurement, the importance of education, the invitation to save, the persuasion to be cautious, the healthy lifestyle, and the warning to be far-sighted.

Generali's Visual Communication invites reflection on past and modern times, with an accurate interpretation of current events, a contemporary and future look at the undoubtedly social role of the insurer.

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