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          Employees engagement

          In June 2015 we carried out our first Global Engagement Survey. The improvement opportunities identified became part of the engagement priorities at local level.

          In June 2017 we carried out the second Global Engagement Survey with the aim of making it a managerial tool for continuous improvement. For this reason, there has been an increase in the number of managers that have had access to the results for their area of responsibility (around 900 in 2015, over 2000 in 2017).

          The Global Engagement Survey registered:

          • Group participation rate of 86%
          • Group engagement rate of 80%*
          • an improvement in all areas identified as critical in the 2015 Survey
          Employees engagement

          Global priorities were also identified and integrated in the action plans of each company. More than 390 local actions have been launched and communicated since January 2018.


          *men engagement rate: 81%; women engagement rate: 79%