A Lifetime partner to our customers

As a Lifetime Partner to our customers we transform our role to a trusted advisor, providing integrated solutions that add genuine value to people’s lives, health, home, mobility, work and support them in achieving their life goals and dreams.

In Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth, we want to further strengthen our customers relationship and grow their value to Generali. Our goal for the new Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth plan is to become our customers’ primary insurer.

Our research shows that customers are willing to consolidate their insurance with 1 provider.

What needs to happen to become a trusted Lifetime Partner to many more Generali clients?

Customer needs and expectations are changing rapidly as they are shaped by their interactions with brands across ALL sectors and services.

At Generali we focus on 3 customer priorities: 

  • 73% of consumers want Effortless and Caring interactions. Effortless – in terms of speed, accessibility, & clarity. Caring in terms of the Human support, especially for more complex or sensitive issues;
  • 66% of consumers want greater Personalization;
  • 81% expect relationshipbased advice – NOT just a transaction.

These expectations form the basis of our 3 CUSTOMER PROMISES for Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth.

A Lifetime partner to our customers

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