A Lifetime partner to our customers

Five years ago, we set out to become Lifetime Partner to our customers. Our ambition was to:

  • deepen relationships with existing customers,
  • attract new customers and
  • become the first-choice brand.

Our Lifetime Partner strategy delivered strong results. Starting with Relationship NPS, we reached our goal to become number one among our European international peers. We also increased customer retention, the average number of policies per customer and brand preference. With Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth, we want to further strengthen our customer relationship and grow their value to Generali. Our goal is to become our customers’ primary insurer.

Our research shows that customers are willing to consolidate their insurance with one provider. At the same time, customer needs and expectations are changing rapidly as they are shaped by their interactions with brands across all sectors and services. Today customers want:

  • effortless and caring interactions. Effortless in terms of speed, accessibility and clarity. Caring in terms of the human support, especially for more complex or sensitive issues;
  • greater personalization;
  • relationship based advice, rather than based on transactions.

These expectations form the basis of our three customer promises to become a trusted Lifetime Partner to many more Generali clients.These expectations form the basis of our three customer promises for Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth strategy:

Listen to Isabelle Conner, Group Chief Marketing & Customer Officer, explaining them and their value for the Group.

A Lifetime partner to our customers
A Lifetime partner to our customers

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