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          Insurance for Companies

          Every company, regardless of size or production type, needs to properly manage the uncertainty and risks of business activities, which involve a continual series of assumptions about the future.

          Insurance for Companies

          On the one hand, there is the "business risk", i.e. uncertainty about whether the business will achieve the hoped for success with consumers, although this is not an insurable risk. On the other, there are the risks of uncertain and potentially damaging events that can also affect private individuals, albeit on a different scale and often of a quite different nature. Consider, for example, multinational companies with various plants across several countries, or even continents.

          Sometimes there are specific commercial and industrial risks. The numerous typical risk scenarios include: the destruction of production facilities, the loss of transported goods, the non-recovery of acquired receivables, air and sea transport risks, and risks relating to the construction of major civil works. The risks to persons include accidents at work or while travelling, and pension and healthcare plans for employees and their families.

          Developing suitable loss prevention strategies together with the company risk manager often requires complex and highly specialised studies. Similar complexity is involved in managing accidents, which can be classified as catastrophes.

          To meet the corporate sector's complex and diverse needs, the Generali Group has developed an insurance offering platform unique to the market through its 4 Global Business Units: Generali Global Corporate & Commercial, Generali Employee Benefits, Generali Global Health and Europ Assistance.