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SRI Ageing Population Fund

In 2015 Generali Investments Europe launched the SRI Ageing Population Fund, a fund that considers the aging population trend and the higher longevity, combining financial returns with the ability to create value for the community.

The selection of securities is based on health care companies (treatment of age-related diseases, cancer, sight, hearing and dental problems etc.), finance companies that offer health and pension policies, and financial products, and companies active in the field of personal services, well-being and recreational activities. Furthermore, all of the companies are chosen and subsequently monitored using the rigorous ESG analysis method developed internally by Generali Investments Europe on the basis of 34 non-financial criteria, which makes it possible to identify solid companies with business models that are sustainable over time.



Following the Paris agreement on climate change (COP21) and the passing of a national law on the energy transition (Loi de transition énergétique), Generali France invested € 10 million in a sustainable investment product, Tera Neva, with the aim of aligning its financial goals with the goal of improving the environment.

Tera Neva is an equity-linked bond issued by the European Investment Bank designed to finance renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. The return on investment is linked with the performance of the Ethical Europe Climate Care Index, which includes 30 listed European companies selected on the basis of financial and sustainability criteria.