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          08 May 2019 - 18:30

          2019 Shareholders’ Meeting

          The AGM of Assicurazioni Generali approved the 2018 financial statements and appointed the new Board of Directors

          The Generali Shareholders’ Meeting was held in Trieste on May 7. It started off with an introduction by the Chairman Gabriele Galateri, who began his speech by focusing on the global economic scenario that Generali is positioned in, placing great confidence in Europe: “We are convinced,” Galateri stated, “that some of the trends typical of our continent, such as an ageing population and a manufacturing base supported by SMEs, offer significant opportunities to insurance and savings management operators.” Chairman Galateri presented the audience with the image of a Company that invests in innovation and sustainability: “The Generali 2021 strategy once again proposes the optimisation of human resources, their needs and their quality of life,” Galateri explained, “and digital innovation enables the creation of solutions which are completely in-tune with customers and their needs. In terms of sustainability,” he continued, “this relates to the strategic role we play in promoting the growth, development and well-being of modern societies. It’s a big challenge,” Galateri concluded, “which goes beyond environmental arguments”.

          The Group CEO, Philippe Donnet, talked about the results achieved by the Company. “What Generali has achieved in recent times is noteworthy,” stated Donnet. “The performance of our recently concluded strategic plan, our ability to put it into practice, and appreciation of the new Generali 2021 strategy have been recognised by the market. With Generali 2021,” continued Donnet, “we also wanted to look beyond the three-year horizon of the strategic plan, defining for the first time a long-term aim for Generali: to help people build a safer future by looking after their lives and dreams. My task,” concluded the Group CEO, “is to ensure that Generali, through the combined effort of all its staff, agents and distributors, and thanks to the support of shareholders, continuously pursues this long-term goal.

          The Group CFO, Cristiano Borean, then looked in detail at the performance aspects of the Group and of the Parent Company Assicurazioni Generali. “The strict implementation of our strategy enabled us to conclude the 2015-2018 strategic plan by exceeding all our objectives,” announced Borean. “2018 was a positive year for Generali,” the CFO confirmed, “with significant business results which demonstrate that we are able to grow sustainably while increasing profitability in all areas of operation, even within a general context which is difficult and volatile.”

          The Meeting approved the financial statements of Assicurazioni Generali for 2018, which closed with a net profit of € 1,473 million, and decided to allocate shareholders a dividend per share of € 0.90, to be paid starting from 22 May 2019. The Meeting also elected the Board of Directors, which will hold office for three financial years, and approved the Group remuneration policy and 2019 Long Term Incentive Plan.