Responsible Insurer

Sustainability, the originator of our strategy

We aim to act as a force for good in building a more resilient and just society. That is why our ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) commitment takes centre stage in our strategic plan ‘Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth’

Who is Laura? Laura represents all of us, every person who cares about the environment and the community. At Generali we don't know who Laura is, but we do know the wishes and dreams of all those who, like her, believe in a safer and more sustainable future, and we are committed to making this come true every day.

To achieve this, at Generali we have created a Corporate Governance structure that today is a model recognised by several rating agencies and that enables us to pursue the Company’s sustainable success, integrating sustainability and social responsibility principles into everything we do: from investments to underwriting activities, from partnerships to initiatives for individuals, families, and companies. This allows us to act as a true Lifetime Partner for all our stakeholders.

That is why we are committed to being:

  • A responsible insurer,incorporating ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) principles in our underwriting strategy, committing to growing premiums from insurance solutions with ESG components by 5% to 7% on average by 2024, and offering new solutions to SMEs, supporting them in the sustainable transition and promoting a culture of sustainability among them, including through the SME EnterPRIZE project.
  • A responsible investor, fully integrating ESG principles in our investment strategy by 2024 and making € 8.5 - € 9.5 billion of new green and sustainable investments between 2021 and 2025; updated in July 2021, Generali’s strategy for climate protection includes the complete exclusion of investments in the thermal coal sector in OECD countries by 2030 and by 2040 in the rest of the world, as well as the gradual decarbonization of the investment portfolio to become carbon neutral by 2050. This is consistent with the Paris Agreement’s goal to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels and with the commitment undertaken as part of the Net-Zero Asset Owner Alliance.
  • A responsible employer, through the promotion and implementation of initiatives to foster inclusion, personal and professional growth, as well as new workplace experiences.
  • A responsible corporate citizen, being a driving force to transform the lives of the most vulnerable communities, by activating a global movement through The Human Safety Net.