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Travelling with Millennials

Preventing without even knowing it: how Millennials protect their future

Millennials always seem to be travelling. In fact, those born between 1980 and 2000 travel more than the previous generations both because of the increasingly lower cost of transport and the different mindset that sets them apart.


According to a study by Internet Marketing Inc. 75% of Millennials want to travel abroad as much as possible (compared with 52% of the previous generations) and as many as 69% treat themselves to more than one weekend away a year as compared with a surprisingly low 13%. But not only do Millennials want to travel more, they also do it in a different way compared to others. Although traditional holidays at seaside resorts are still the most popular, Millennials increasingly opt for travel holidays, jungle tours, safaris, experiences in the wild and so on.


Digital natives, interconnected and inventors of the sharing economy, Millennials have a completely new concept of travelling. 87% look for inspiration on social networks and blogs, check different websites before booking to get the best possible price, often booking using a mobile phone or tablet (around 46% of Millennials). 49% have travelled at least once on last minute or last second deals. Additionally, Millennials increasingly get around with shared cars or rent private lodging on a short-term basis, examples of the sharing economy which they have created and use more than anyone else. According to an Ipsos survey for Europ Assistance, 59% of European and American Millennials choose to stay in shared apartments and homes to guarantee themselves a more authentic and engaging experience, more genuine and less touristy.


You might be tempted to think that Millennials book the first deal they find at the last second without worrying about organising their trips. But you would be wrong! They check more and more web platforms to find the best quality-price ratios, they read reviews (and write them too!) and they are well informed. Millennials take lots of little actions every day to ensure they have the best possible experience and, in the final analysis, to protect their futures.


But what things are on the to-do list before going on any trip? For sure it is necessary to check the reviews of the hotel, restaurants and tourist attractions, download the most appropriate apps for the trip, check the validity of your documents and make sure you have a universal adaptor. But most importantly, you need to take out suitable protection and prevent against risks, like losing your luggage or accidents.


Generali promotes a simple, informative communication campaign to introduce and raise the awareness of insurance issues among Millennials with the aim of helping them complete the sensible approach they already adopt with their little day-to-day activities.


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