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Healthy living with Millennials

Preventing without even knowing it: how Millennials protect their future

Millennials. They’re digital natives. They’re hyper-connected. They’re the inventors of the sharing economy. They’re living a life that could scarcely contrast more sharply with previous generations.


The universally accepted wisdom is that young people, having been born in a period of recession, live in the present. But is that really the case? In reality, Millennials take a plethora of tiny steps to protect their future every day. A recent study by PWC has shown that 47% of those born between 1980 and 2000 adopt a healthy, informed approach to eating and take regular exercise.


For Millennials, being healthy isn’t about losing weight or looking good, but being aware of the risks an unhealthy diet brings and living accordingly. Wellness is a daily activity for Millennials – they take more exercise, they eat better, they smoke less and they even use special apps to keep track of their workouts, heartbeat and the nutritional values of the food they put into their bodies (source: and Goldman Sachs).


So what’s the perfect daily routine for somebody wanting to life a healthy live? All it takes is the addition of a few habits: sleeping eight hours every night where possible, starting the day with a hot water and lemon followed by a hearty, balanced breakfast, eating five portions of fruit and veg a day and doing as much exercise as possible – whether that means climbing the stairs, walking or running. And not forgetting a regular yearly check-up!


Generali is promoting a simple information campaign to raise awareness among Millennials and introduce them to insurance, with the aim of helping them to supplement the precautionary steps they already take on a daily basis.


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