Data, AI and Automation

Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Automation represent one of the most important transformation levers to deliver tangible business value for our organization, to reduce costs, to shorten time-to-market and to radically improve customer experience. The combination and synergies enabled by these three technologies are key success factors to deliver our Lifetime Partner ambition.

Digital humanity exists in a world where more and more data are being produced and consumed. Data are around us, in different figures of facts, laying in images, documents, videos, driving behavior and in many other sources. To be Lifetime Partner to our customers we need DATA to know them to offer the right solution they need, at the right moment when they need it, through the right channel they can get it. We need insights to move from the traditional reactive approach to a proactive one, becoming able to anticipate future risks and to prevent them.

In such a scenario, Artificial Intelligence is a turning point.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence is indeed possible to build insights from data, personalizing our offer and services according to our customers’ needs, improving our processes to be closer to our customers and to support our employees in their day-by-day activities. AI makes also possible to enhance problem solving, perceiving, reasoning, learning, and interacting with the environment, with enhanced effects on our customers’ experience.

That’s not all.

The combination of Automation technologies with AI allows delivering a proactive, preventive and customer centric experience, effective products and services relying on efficient and automated processes. Automate repetitive task, emulate human behaviors, extract data from unstructured documents, understand them and take discretionary decisions are just a few samples of possible applications that can create tangible benefits for our customers.

Generali is at the forefront in Data, AI, and Automation: Analytics Solution Centre (ASC) and Smart Automation Centre of Excellence (SA CoE) represent a great example of how the Group is supporting the Business Units in building local capabilities and acting as a catalyst for scaling up best practices and new solutions across geographies.

We will focus on:

  • Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (D, A & AI), unleashing the power of data to create value and improve customer experience.
    We have a clear vision regarding the use of Data and Artificial Intelligence: discover our


  • Smart Automation, to increase efficiency and enable our people to prioritize value added activities

Smart Automation

We want to inspire and promote Smart Automation adoption, optimising operations, reducing their time-to-market and maximizing business impact through an approach characterized by convergence, increased collaboration and innovation.

At Generali, Smart Automation is a modern approach to generate business value - radically improving customers experience and anticipating their needs by simplifying interactions, speeding up processes and making better use of high-quality customer data.

Smart Automation combines traditional data and automation technologies like Robotics/RPA and big data with Artificial Intelligence to transform business by looking at end–to–end processes and strategically building intelligent automation systems to achieve cost savings and increase revenue opportunities.

Thanks to Smart Automation is it possible to automate discretionary tasks, understanding how activities are executed and emulating human behaviour. Employee morale is improved, because people are able to focus on more rewarding and higher-value activities, avoiding annoying, repetitive and low value-added tasks.

Among the most significant cases of Smart Automation are the introduction of rules for the automation of entire processes or particular tasks as well as for the reduction or elimination of physical documents.

Our goal is to make better use of the advantages offered by Smart Automation to have a clear impact on business, leveraging our global expertise and consolidating Group assets to help accelerate local programs and scale up initiatives across geographies.

Smart Automation will enable us to further simplify our processes and optimize customer and agent services as well as employee experiences, through the automation of operations, the digitalization of our activities, and the modernization of our backend systems.