Lead innovation

Generali’s transformation strategy is the engine that powers and further accelerates the scale up of our Lifetime Partner model, building on the strong foundations laid so far

In order to fulfill our Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth strategy, we have identified 3 pillars. Lead Innovation is one of them and will be instrumental to:

  • maintain the #1 position in Relationship NPS among our European international peers
  • improve our cost to income ratio by 2.5 - 3.0 percentage points
  • reach 1.1 billion in cumulative investments in digital and technology

As a consolidated Lifetime Partner, we aim to build a new relationship model between our customers, Generali and our advisors based on shared customer and data ownership to enable people to shape a safer and more sustainable future.

To this end, we will further improve our business model and service level across the board, create data-driven opportunities to deliver profitable growth, and increase both efficiency and productivity.
We do so by:

  • capitalising on Group scale and expertise, converging all entities towards our Lifetime Partner model;
  • driving cost efficiencies and improved service through adoption of the latest digital technologies;
  • unleashing the power of data capturing opportunities from the Internet-of-Things, Artificial Intelligence and 5G;
  • ensuring Group Security through cyber and infrastructure harmonization;
  • releasing the Group innovation potential to drive new features, channels and revenues.


We keep a strong focus and act on four key Transformation Levers.
Discover more about them:

Building on solid foundations, we are now ready to take our transformation the next level by scaling up digital with a clear vision on where Generali will be in 2024, raising the bar on service levels and expanding our interaction with customers to deliver on our Lifetime Partner 24 promise.