Digital and Ecosystem

We want to increase customer value through the scale up of our Lifetime Partner advisory model, and foster the adoption of CRM and digital tools for customers and employees enriched with state-of-the-art features and functionalities.

Our aim is to become a digital ecosystem player to enter untapped revenue pools.

We will focus on:

  • CRM and Advisory Tools, to drive productivity and growth through our Lifetime Partner advisory model
  • Digital Ecosystem, to share digital profit pools
  • Digital Tools for Customers, Agents and Employees, to improve customer and employee experience and Agile new ways of working


CRM and Advisory Tools

We want to transform customer and agent journeys, expand touchpoints, and improve transparency and interactions.

Our ambition is to reinvent our customer, agent and employee journeys. To do so, we must ensure convergence and global standards, through collaboration and the CRM Centre of Excellence.

To drive the CRM transformation and support the Group to fully explore the business benefits that advanced CRM can provide, we have to ensure our products and propositions evolve for the digital age and offer personalised insurance and value added services in a seamless omnichannel ecosystem

Our products and propositions must evolve for the digital age to offer value-added, personalized insurance & non-insurance services, including 24/7 access to product and service portfolios.

The CRM Centre of Excellence, to support and accelerate local implementation, offers an ecosystem of scalable CRM global assets, available across the Group and progressively enriched, andprovides global support to the Business Units in 5 main areas:

  • Driving Global or Multi Divisional CRM Projects
  • Accelerating CRM Expertise across different Areas
  • Enhancing Alignment of Business and IT Organisations 
  • Reducing Deployment Risk and increasing Quality of the Release Lifecycle 
  • Driving Process Execution by sharing Knowledge, Resources and Tools

Listen to Sofia Hristova, Group Head of Digital Channels, explaining what the Customer Relationship Management is about and the added value it brings.

CRM and Advisory Tools

Digital tools for customers, agents and employees

We want to equip our customers, distributors and employees with the best digital tools and agile methodologies, building an organization lean, flexible and empowered to move faster.

To be customer-centered and to create value for all our stakeholders, we must revolutionise our way of doing things, becoming digital native and operating in a rapid-learning and fast decision-making mode.

Our “Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth” strategy aims also at identifying and adopting innovative digital tools and agile methodologies to accelerate the achievement of challenging Group targets. This is why we are fostering convergence towards same digital tools, bringing better synergies and improving cost effectiveness for the Group.

In this context, our strategy is based on a real-time, seamless, omnichannel and personalized approach. We want indeed to offer to our customers and prospect a broad set of communication channels, including conversational ones.

To build a true digital and agile organization, that can bring value to our customers, agents, and employees, we are implementing the following actions:

  • Reduce bureaucracy and simplify processes, reinforcing employees’ engagement, ownership and productivity, enhancing their digital experience
  • Promote the adoption of Group preferred solutions in most priority digital areas, improving the interaction between Generali and its prospects, customers, agents, and employees
  • Improve digital channels adoption, raising the number of relevant touchpoints and digital interactions/communications with our customers
  • Enrich and share best practices to foster culture of convergence and scale-up across the Group


Listen to Michele Carmina, Head of Group Data & Digital, explaining what the Agile Organisation Enabler is about and the added value it brings.

Digital tools for customers, agents and employees