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          Our impacts

          Our Environmental Management System covers direct impacts arising from the Group’s activities, as well as indirect impacts associated with purchasing, planning and providing insurance and financial products, and with institutional investment activity.

          Direct environmental impacts

          In view of the significance of the associated environmental impacts, we have identified the areas for priority attention:

          • management of company buildings and facilities: this is increasingly geared towards continuous improvement in our staff’s ability to use natural resources efficiently. To minimize adverse environmental impacts, the Group works:
            • to reduce energy, water and paper consumption;
            • to manage waste more efficiently by increasing separate collection;
          • managing business travel: to manage business travel by administrative staff in a sustainable way, the Group travel policy requires:
            • a reduction in travel, through increased video- and teleconferencing, delivering training via e-learning, etc.;
            • a preference for public transport or collective transport, such as shuttle services, car pooling, etc.

          Indirect environmental impacts

          We can encourage green behaviour among our stakeholders by involving them in appropriate environmental protection initiatives. Specifically, the main areas where we can exert this influence are relationships with suppliers (procurement ecology), customers (product ecology) and share-issuing companies (investment ecology).

          • Procurement ecology: to ensure integrity in the supply chain, we have set up mechanisms (such as penalty clauses leading to contract cancellation) to prevent our suppliers and their supply chains from violating regulations on workplace health and safety and environmental protection, or the Group’s ethical principles.
          • Product ecology: to encourage eco-friendly behaviour among customers and consumers in general, we intend to expand and strengthen our range of insurance products and services, including tailored educational and awareness-raising programmes.
          • Investment ecology: we have an investment policy and ethical guidelines designed to eliminate the risk of supporting companies involved in serious environmental damage, by investing in them.