Generali Group


          We innovate for society

          New needs are emerging in our society which cannot be met by using tools of the past. We need to find innovative approaches, relationships and production methods in order to meet the increasing demands of people, companies and institutions.

          We innovate through collaboration with venture capital initiatives

          In view of the continuous development of technology, there is also the need to create communities of people who share knowledge and skills. This is why we foster synergies between different environments and ways of thinking.

          At Generali, we leverage on a number of different approaches that vary in terms of sourcing channel or partnership “facilitators”, level and intensity of engagement, steering of the project, or ownership of the IP. We are present in different “hubs” of the innovation ecosystem, recognizing the specificities and capabilities of each to extract the best value from them and seize win-win partnerships with the right start-up, for any specific need.

          Alternatively, when scouting for more structured start-ups on specific needs, we engage with innovation accelerators and launch with them some “call for innovation” or hackathons, with the objective to identify either start-ups with the right product or services, or with the capabilities needed to develop, jointly, something ad-hoc.

          We participate in the GrowITup project, dedicated to the promotion of innovative Italian start-ups and promoted by Microsoft Italia and Fondazione Cariplo. This is an ‘open’ partnership between major Made in Italy businesses and promising start-ups and has the dual goal of supporting the growth of innovative, up-and-coming Italian companies and assisting established firms in the design of their future development strategies. The project will receive € 10 million in 3 years and aims to attract up to € 1 billion in investments by 2020.

          In Switzerland, Innovation Garage host start-ups during the joint development phase; with this project we can work more closely and even provide them with extensive mentoring from our industry leaders. The innovation garage is the creative centre where internal projects and external start-ups work side by side. Away from the daily business Generali Switzerland tries out new concepts, solutions and products and realises them at speed, promoting and encouraging cross-disciplinary thinking.

          In Germany as partner of the InsurTech Hub Munich, we collaborate with start-ups, top universities and research centers. In the accelerator program of WERK1, a leading digital incubator in Munich, Generali Deutschland provides to start-ups access to experts and knowledge to contribute to long-term success and sustainability of their company.