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          How we guarantee the well-being

          In order to tangibly respond to the needs articulated in the Global Engagement Survey, in 2017 Generali Country Italia once again carried out a series of initiatives to improve the wellbeing of its employees. Four energy dimensions were identified:


          1. Physical Energy: lifestyle from diet to physical training to sleep.
          2. Mental Energy: helps ensure high levels of motivation and concentration, personal confidence, desire and productivity
          3. Emotional Energy: generates a positive commitment to work and interpersonal relationships
          4. Value Energy: gives meaning to what people are doing, what happens around them and their aspirations


          The key to making improvements is knowledge. Thanks to the identification of these four areas Generali Italia proposes Corporate Wellness ideas to its people which begin with the exploration of themselves and their energies, offering one of the most advanced welfare programmes in terms of its comprehensiveness, range and innovation. To make these opportunities more accessible, the Stai Benefit portal was developed in 2017, a place where all employees can find the contractual and extra-contractual benefits that are available to them.


          In the EEC area many initiatives offer different types of benefits, from medical to sports:

          • Czech Republic: an online platform called "Cafeteria-Muj Benefit Plus" offers employees affordable services and products from more than 12,000 partners, sport, education, health, and pension funds, etc.
          • Serbia: employee relatives are eligible for a discounted pass for recreational and sporting activities. There are also discounts on sports equipment. All employees also have the chance to take free anti-stress yoga lessons.
          • Slovakia:  In 2018, the Generali Balans programme was launched for employees and the public with the aim of promoting and supporting prevention and protection in various areas, such as health and the home, etc. Using this programme, employees can benefit once a month from health initiatives, conferences and sports activities (yoga, Pilates, etc.).
            Generali also makes a monthly 10 euro contribution to the price of a Multisport card (the employee pays 14 euro and also enjoys special prices for family members, one adult and three children) which offers access to more than 1,600 sports and wellness facilities. During the summer, employees can also rent bicycles free of charge from a shop near the office.
          • Hungary: one of Generali’s sites now has its own gym that runs courses and has spaces for bodybuilding, aerobics and TRX. Run by three instructors, the gym is open during the week from 6 am to 8 pm and is free for all employees.



          In Argentina, the Bien-Estar Caja program tries to improve employees’ lives by encouraging healthier lifestyles, for example encouraging movement breaks, providing information on nutrition and offering suggestions for preventing work-related stress. The programme also includes a nutritional clinic at the local office. 2017 saw the launch of a monitoring plan for employees who want to improve and regulate their dietary habits, and a specific programme for people who would like to give up smoking. People were encouraged to take an "Active Break" through workshops, courses and awareness campaigns. Generali promoted discussions on health and prevention at work and launched communication campaigns via the company intranet.


          In Brazil, a trolley offering healthy food passes through all offices daily. On Mondays staff can try anti-stress therapies, while personal care services are offered on Tuesdays. Employees are also given a Gympass they can use to access gyms and sports activities at reduced prices, and the Ticket fit app which they can use to monitor their health targets and Generali can use to set them health challenges.