Generali Group


          Employees engagement

          In June 2019, we carried out the third Generali Global Engagement Survey with the aim of making it a managerial tool for continuous improvement. For this reason, there has been an increase in the number of managers that have had access to the results for their area of responsibility (around 900 in 2015, over 2000 in 2017, more than 2300 in 2019).

          The Global Engagement Survey registered:

          • Group participation rate of 89%
          • Group engagement rate of 82%*
          Employees engagement

          Leveraging our strengths, we established specific action plans for the opportunities for improvement. The priorities mainly identified in the local action plans were:

          • Eliminate bureaucracy to boost efficiency and decision making;
          • Unlock people potential fostering transparent meritocracy, recognition and growth;
          • Nurture an inclusive environment to embrace diversity.

          Since January 2020, more than 450 local actions of engagement were identified to be communicated and launched. At the end of December 2020, 75% of these actions were launched across the Group with the ambition of reaching 100% of actions implemented by  2021.

          All the actions are listed, mapped and split geographically in our MAP OF ENGAGEMENT.

          Our feedback becomes actions!


          *men engagement rate: 83%; women engagement rate: 81%