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          Employee engagement

          In October 2021, we carried out the fourth edition of the Generali Global Engagement Survey with the intention of leveraging it as a managerial and change management tool for continuous improvement. For this reason, there has been an increase in the number of managers that have had access to the results for their area of responsibility (from around 900 for the first edition in 2015 to more than 2000 in 2021).

          The Global Engagement Survey registered:

          • Group participation rate of 89%
          • Group engagement rate of 83%*
          Employee engagement

          We want to accelerate towards excellence by leveraging our strengths and working quickly on our enhancement opportunities. Three key areas of improvement have been identified through the Engagement Survey 2021: 

          1) Ensure a diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace 

          2) Accelerate process simplification and speed of execution

          3) Equip our people and managers to lead the way for smart habits and well-being for the Next Normal. 

          These priorities will be addressed in our Group People Strategy and converted into concrete actions and initiatives to respond directly to the feedback from the Survey.
          All the actions will be listed, mapped, and split geographically in the MAP OF ENGAGEMENT.

          Our feedback becomes actions!

           *Engagement rate by gender:
          - men: 84%
          - women: 83%

          Engagement rate by age:
          - under 25 years: 85%
          - between 25 and 34 years: 83%
          - between 35 and 44 years: 84%
          - between 45 and 54 years: 83%
          - between 55 and 64 years: 82%
          - 65 years or more: 86%

          Engagement rate by job position:
          - Senior Executive: 92%
          - Manager/Supervisor: 89%
          - Expert/Professional: 80%
          - Employed Sales force: 83%