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          Smart Automation

          We want to inspire and promote Smart Automation adoption, optimising operations, reducing their time-to-market and maximizing business impact through an approach characterized by convergence, increased collaboration and innovation.

          At Generali, Smart Automation is a modern approach to generate business value - radically improving the Group’s operations and user experiences.

          It does so by capturing behaviours, contents and information, and by simplifying interactions. Thank to Smart Automation, it is possible to speed up processes and reduce repetitive tasks, by identifying replicable activities and understanding how they are executed, also emulating certain human behaviours.

          Smart Automation leverages a set of emerging software technologies, which - combined with traditional process redesigning methodologies - can be brought to scale in selected areas of the value chain. This can be done with limited impact on existing systems and with minor invasiveness on underlying IT applications.

          Among the most significant cases of Smart Automation are the introduction of rules for the automation of entire processes or particular tasks as well as for the reduction or elimination of physical documents.

          Our goal is to make better use of the advantages offered by Smart Automation to have a clear impact on business, leveraging our global expertise and consolidating Group assets to help accelerate local programs and scale up initiatives across geographies.

          Smart Automation will enable us to further simplify our processes and optimize customer and agent services as well as employee experiences, through the automation of operations, the digitalization of our activities, and the modernization of our backend systems.