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          Data, Analytics & AI

          We want Analytics to be the fuel of our Lifetime Partner transformation and pervasively support our daily activities to deliver tangible business value

          We want…

          • our CUSTOMERS to benefit from full personalisation when it comes to products, pricing, services, contact channel, and claims management
          • our DISTRIBUTORS to rely on insights deriving from the combination of online and off-line knowledge to boost New Business and Customer Management
          • our EMPLOYEES to take advantage of analytics-driven insights and Intelligent Automation for better decision-making, increased efficiency and an enhanced ability to provide human touch

          Our goal is to accelerate a data-driven mindset and to develop Advanced Analytics and AI skills throughout the Group, supporting the BUs and acting as a catalyst for scaling up best practices and innovative solutions.

          Listen to Alessandra Chiuderi, Head of Group Analytics Solutions Centre, explaining what the Data, Analytics & AI Enabler is about and the added value it brings.