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          Agile Organization

          We want to be an Agile Organization - lean, flexible and empowered to move faster.

          Being Agile as an organisation, to us means focusing on a new way of working, the digitalisation of the employee journey, and the elimination of bureaucracy.

          To be customer-centred and to create value for all our stakeholders, we must revolutionise our way of doing things, operating in a rapid-learning and fast decision-making mode.

          Our new way of working aims at identifying and adopting methodologies and tools to accelerate the achievement of challenging Group targets. This is why we are accelerating convergence towards Agile standards and methodology as well as towards the technological tools required by the DevOps approach (a combination of software development and IT operations).

          Employees represent a key stakeholder of our Digital Strategy, therefore the digitalisation of their journey shows we care and reflects our commitment towards simplifying their daily activities, modernizing company processes and increasing their engagement.

          Eliminating bureaucracy implies gradually addressing 3 of its main causes through the following strategies:

          • improving managerial behaviors to empower employees and train management in decision-making;
          • Simplifying, digitalizing and modernizing the IT systems used by employees;
          • Reducing complexity in employee processes (e.g. fewer approval steps, clearer accountabilities, etc.).

          Listen to Michele Carmina, Head of Group Data & Digital, explaining what the Agile Organisation Enabler is about and the added value it brings.