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Be Bold For Inclusion 2022

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are fundamental pillars of the cultural transformation we promote every day to create value for people and society

At this tragic time in human history, diversity and inclusion - two concepts that are closely linked - take on even greater significance. Promoting diversity means encouraging open-mindedness and respect for differences; by generating exchange, diversity contributes to growth, development, and progress. Inclusive leadership seeks out and values diversity, being aware of the richness it represents for all.

This year, Generali again celebrates #BeBoldForInclusion, the annual campaign now in its fifth edition which, on International Women's Day, sees CEOs and senior managers engage in dialogue with employees through events and initiatives to exchange views and discuss the best ways to promote an inclusive culture and workplace within an important group that has diversity in its DNA. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) are strategic priorities for Generali and contribute to achieving its ambition to be a sustainable Lifetime Partner for its customers and employees, and for the communities it embraces.

Over the course of the current three-year strategic plan “Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth”, Generali is committed to improving, in particular, the presence of women in leadership and managerial positions, confirming its ambition towards zero equal pay gap (equal pay for equal work). Moreover, the Group promotes a more inclusive culture for all generations represented, investing both in attracting young talents and the development and involvement of more experienced employees. The Company will also continue to commit to improving the sense of belonging and inclusion of persons with disabilities and the LGBTQI+ community, supporting employee resource groups that contribute to removing cultural and behavioural barriers and promoting important projects.

Counting on a governance of engaged business leaders, on an international community of active champions, and on a system to monitor DEI progress, Generali will continue to implement fair and meritocratic processes and procedures to make sure that all employees enjoy equal opportunities and are able to fully unleash their potential.

Jean-Laurent Granier, Country Manager France & Europ Assistance and DEI Sponsor of the Group, shares his thoughts and the commitment of all Generali people to achieve, together, this strategic priority.